Breaking News: PR NewsWire(TM) Innudated by The Blog Beast!

I just got off the phone!  PR Newswire(TM) is inundated by the Blog Beast!

This means a lot as I have worked with public relations firms that have used PR NewsWire for sponsorship campaign launches.  Earlier this Week Yahoo News picked up the Story

As I sit here in a Washington D.C. Hotel Waiting for the start of the Washington D.C. Regional Empower Network Event, I can't help but think of our forefathers and the women that started this great country of ours and the people around the World who have struggled being oppressed by their governments.

You see the fundamental flaw of governments, that is, that they try to control people.  They get too big for their own britches and forget that they were put into power and can be taken out of power when the people decide.

I got to tell you I have decided.  Government should do one thing and one thing only, that is, protect the country from Foreign aggressors, and criminals both white collar and other.  That's it! Period!

You have a tremendous opportunity to take over your life here:


BLOG FOR YOUR FREEDOM  -The World needs to hear your story

Your business can get it's message out if it has the right tools.  You have found the right tools, and community to help you learn how to use them with Empower Network.  The Blog Beast Shall set you free!


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