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Value You Build In Your Customers Mind

Understand The Unsolved Problem In Their Mind

In Marketing and Sales you build value in the customers mind enough, so that they try what you have to sell, or more appropriately, you help them buy from you.  This begins by really understanding your customer and building the value of the solution, You and your companies products and services.

When I first got started in business it was all about me:

1) What had I learned

2) What I do for someone.

I was sitting in on a business meeting once, in a board room, there were two people in the room.  One was a senior VP in an agency that handled a large fast food chain’s advertising and marketing, the other person was a public relations representative.

Now these meetings always start out something like this

“tell me what you can do for me. ”  

That is the absolute worst thing that you can do in sales and marketing situation without first understanding the problem.  This is how you need to change your thinking in a sales or marketing situation.

Spilling your features, is a disaster waiting to happen the second you talk about yourself.  In fact, the second you make a statement you force the customer to say Yes I believe that or No, I do not,  in the conversation in your mind.  Now you have taken the Odds to 50% that you will get the sale or help them buy anything you offer.

Before you jump down my throat and tell me that I am using the wrong word it should be “prospect” that I refer to when I am talking to a person that has not purchased anything from me yet.  I disagree.

I think of all my prospects as customers.  The second they tell me that they have a situation that needs a solution, I will always do my best for them.  I will tell them if this is not right for them, even if it means losing a sale. Plus, The Law of Attraction dictates that my thoughts become things, so I have that working for me always.

That is the only way to run my business for me.  You can run your business any way you see fit, as long as you are willing to accept the responsibility for the results.

The best thing about gaining the attention of your customer to your business, in a marketing or sales situation is that you always know that you are there for a reason.  Something got their attention. Something has them looking for a solution.

Otherwise, people do not pay attention to your company unless they really have a situation or problem(better) or really, emotional problem( best) or better yet a compelling reason( jackpot!) to force them to think you can provide the solution to all their problems in this area,  that is very personal.

They say that being in business is not personal.  I say that the only people that say that have never been in business for themselves. Business is very personal.  When business is not going well, your personal life gets affected.  People lose marriages because of things like that.  Hell, people have jumped off buildings because of business going bad.  

Never fall into that trap.  Your business is not who you are. That is a role you play in society. Period. Never lose yourself in business.  Take time every day just to be you.  The people that love you will appreciate that very much.

So how do you build value in the customers mind  You form a relationship where they begin to know, like and trust you.  Then you safely guide them, without feeling responsibility for the situation, you discover, the problem of not having enough of something that they got themselves into.  You provide the solution only after they ask for it.  When you do, under-promise and then over-deliver, for the lifetime value of your customer(them buying more products and service from you) is how you build wealth.  

In this process, if carried out effectively, you will discover the secrets that they do not want society to know about them.That is OK, they will not change and get better unless they first realize the situation they have caused for themselves by their past decisions.  

Keep them safe by understanding their situation.  Seek first to understand and then be understood. Dig under the surface facade that all people put up for protection from charlatans and scam artists.  

You are neither. You are in business to provide value to them, Right?  Good, now you are on the right track. Find out the value, they put on your product and service, in your customers mind, by asking them to talk about and listen to their own answers.

back to my boardroom meeting,  I never told them what I could do for them. I only asked them about their situation. Then I asked what caused that situation, then I asked how that situation affected them, and then I asked them what happens if this situation is not solved.

I learned all this from my mentors at The Samurai Business Group  If you are in a complex sales situation or you are a superstar and you want to become a legend.


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