Can You Really Succeed With This Best Network Marketing Opportunity?



Can You Really Succeed With This Best Network Marketing Opportunity?


To succeed in network marketing you need to understand people.  You need to understand that most people that come to you are not OK.  If they were they would be doing something else.  This is a big responsibility and you need to make sure that you:

1) Do no harm in any way.  Some people will see your marketing and they are in such a bad way in their life that they jump on the low-priced front-end offer and expect it to bring wealth and treasure right away.  They treat this small business as a lottery or some kind of easy button.  Anyone who has ever built a network marketing team knows there is no easy button.  But, by using the leveraged power of the Internet, building the ultimate, network marketing dream business is not out of reach either.  You can start you adventure by clicking that picture and getting ALL IN.

2) You will always be sorting through the many people that say they are serious about realizing and creating their dreams to find the few that really are. Then, you teach the few who really are serious how to sort through the many.

Now you can do it the old-school way as they do work.  But as anyone that has ever done them knows they are painful.  You know what I mean:

make a list of your friends and family

call all the people you know and they know

don’t forget your High School buddies

Post business cards and flyers all over

Anyone that comes within 2 ft. of you talk to them about your opportunity


Wander around in WalMart™ and ask people if they keep their options open

Buy high priced business opportunity seeker lists

Hold home meetings with strangers in your house with your spouse and significant other glaring at you the whole time only to be told after. “Never do that again!”

Asking your friends and family to hold a party for you so you can share your products and show them the plan, only to see their faces turn white when they realize they have been invited under false pretenses, and you never get invited to family functions or parties ever again.  The GURUs tell you need to get new friends.  Really? Really?





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