Cat Opens Door

Cat Opens Door

We have four cats and none of them can open doors, correction Bea are little Russian Blue has learned how to open doors.  Now mind you, all of our cats are indoor cats

Recently Bea has taken to rushing the front door while we are leaving to run outside just long enough to realize that she does not want to be outside.  LOL

Emma is a Tiger cat that was nurtsing off of Bea when we found them in one of our first Barns

Opie and Andie are Russian Blues that we got at the shelter.  Andy is a cat of luxury(think Garfield on steroids) Opie is a scardy cat that is starting to come around after two years( I get a head but on my feet of my recliner saying thanks for rescuing me from that cage.  Plus, Opie has taken to eating small bits of cheese from Steph’s hand( Steph is the love of my life and my why.

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