Challenge Yourself To Do Better

Challenge Yourself Daily

1) Avoid The Ups and Downs in Life That Can Leave You Frustrated.

2) Stretch Yourself Outside your Comfort Zone.

3) Listen To Audios and Read Great Books Daily

4) Do something That Scares You(that is constructive) daily

5) Fail Faster

6) Set Goals Every Year

7)10 Those goals even if you have no idea how to reach them the very act of 10Xing them will help you stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone and learn new things.

8) Find a mentor to help you do that and keep you accountable.  

9) Get an accountability partner, someone that is going through the same struggles you are and hold each other accountable for progress and results

10) Fail Faster

failure is not bad as long as you learn something from each failure and do not repeat it. Remember in business and in life there are no failures only results.

If you do not like the results you are getting change what you are doing.  You only have so long to get results and then you can no longer get them when they close that box on you and plant you in the ground its  “Thanks for Playing Bye, Bye!”

11) Live your Life to Its Fullest Potential.  You Were Meant For More Than You Have Now, Right?

Go live your dreams! 

I hope that some of the above makes sense and helps each and every one of you reading this.

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