Character Traits and Principles of A Home-based Business Entrepreneur

You May Be Considering Starting A Business Out of Your Home

The Type Of Person

 To run a business as an entrepreneur requires a special kind of person, as only 2% of all business owners start a business and go on to be successful in it.  When you think about it in those terms that means that 98% of the people reading this will not be the right type of person. 98% believe they will be OK retiring on their pension and other government support.  Is that you?  Then stop reading this post this will have no interest for you. 

There is nothing wrong with the 98% people that are good people, hard working people, and they are fine trading their time for a paycheck every month.  This blog post in not about that type of person.  This blog post is being written for the people that truly have the right psychographic and demographic makeup.

They are true entrepreneurs and they wouldn’t trade it for the World.  They are willing to sacrifice everything that they have including the air that they breathe.  They are persistent in the face of the insurmountable odds that would make most people cringe in their boots.  They are responsible for their own destiny in life.  They do not rely on others for their living.  You might be that type of person if you are reading this.

The Definitions

Demographics – This is the age, ethnicity, education, gender, and annual household income of the individual considering to be an Entrepreneur.

Approximately 70% of all home-based businesses are female.  This fact can be substantiated by doing research on any of the two Home-based Business, industry websites:

1) Direct Sales Association

2) Direct Marketing Association

Age does not matter, but they must be at least 18 legally in the US and the best range of female home-based business owner is 25-54.  But with he recent downturn in the economy that is still lingering into the 2015 from the Crash of 2008, many Baby Boomers are starting home-based businesses.  Some seniors are too because they are finding that the promises they were made about go to school, work hard, and get a good job, work for someone until you turn 65, and retire on a nice pension, are all a lie.

Pension funds are being dried up, people are losing the health benefits at alarming rates and people are taking full-time jobs after 65.  Some people, like the gentleman I spoke with the other day, are deeply in debt and they need an answer.
You may be someone like that, I do not know, But, don;t feel like you are the only one that got shafted by societies promises.  You are not alone.  I have spoken to over 900 people and many of them are in bad shape.


Psychographic Traits

Psychographics – What are the people like, what do they like to do when it comes to family relationships, or their occupation or way of earning and income, what do they like to do for recreation, what do they think about, what makes them happy, tired, angry, and sad.   All people have traits like these.

Here is where I have focused a lot of my energy during the market research phase of building my business.  You see after talking to or connecting via Google Voice, in a chat thread, I have come up with the following trait list of my target customer.  It wil be a good use of your time if you do the same for your business:

1) They all have had a point in their life where they struggled
2) They are all risk takers in some degree or the other.
3) Some people like fancy cars, money and jewels
4) Some like helping other people
5) Some are very focused on getting more money into their bank accounts no matter who they hurt(they run into all sorts of trouble)
6)Some are instructors and teachers and they give real value to their clients
7) They are extremely persistent
8) They value success over air that they breathe
9) They are driven and know that they need to invest in their education to learn new skills that will make them more money.
10) Are willing to do whatever it takes(within hi legal and moral standards_ to become successful in their business.
11) They more than likely have already tried and quit on themsleves, or had a busiess go under on them, in another home-based business and probably more than once.

Successful people take away all excuses for not making to that success.  They will put their head through abrick wall with spikes on it to learn how to succeed in life and in business.

Making A Decision That Something Is Going To Happen-You have to decide that you are done not succeeding and you are willing and able to change.

They read every day about how to be successful, and how to communicate with themselves and with others

You can not create something greater than what you are.  You read and listen to audios to become a better person and business owner.  If you take in new information daily,  you can give it away and provide value to people.

You must have a vision of what your dream lifestyle looks like, sounds like, tastes like, smells like and feels like.  They must be crystal clear in their minds eye.

Successful people listen more than they talk.

Successful People ask questions that make people think about the problems or situations they have gotten themselves into and then they listen.  They do not take on their problems.  They provide the solutions.  Of course, these solutions will always have a financial cost attached to them.  This is a free enterprise system,not Mother Teresa.  Last time I looked, I was not her.  Neither are You.

Successful people provide value at about 10X the level of the price people pay for it.

They work smart, using:Three Principles of Success in Your Home Business.

These come from the YouTube video, that is a tape of a talk done back in the 80’s, when I first heard it, when I looked at this Industry, by a multi-millionaire named Dave Severn.  The tape is titled: Pigs Don’t Know Pigs Stink. 98% of the people in the World will not know they are stuck in a rigged game.  But, entrepreneurs do, and they create their own success through a business vehicle.

These principles still work today for a home-based business owner and for the entrepreneur:

1) Principle of  Compensation – You have to give 10X the value to get income in your business.

2) Principle of  Increasing returns – If you duplicate yourself and your success you will be that much more successful.  You plant success seeds and they grow just like when you plant a seed of corn and it grows into an ear of corn and a stalk of corn, and then a full field of corn.  Successful people know they will get increasing returns the more seeds  they plant.

3) Principle of Delayed Gratification – You work as long and hard as it takes to get the results You want

Understanding your customers according to both traits types, and success principles will give you a leg up on your competition.

Your Last Job Ever could be to learn how to use the leveraged power of the Internet to grow your business on almost, what seems like auto-pilot.  Of course it is not auto-pilot, you have to do the work to a point that you get enough eyeballs on your products or services.  But, once you do it does work like that.

If you’d like to see how I got my first sale online then click this link and start to explore this amazing World I stumbled into.


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