Choosing The Right Fonts For Your Blog Posts| Testing, Measuring and Using Your Creativity

 Today our post will be about the different fonts and font sizes available in Kalatu


What it looks like when you are writing and what it looks like when you see it published

on the web are sometimes different.

Check your fonts to see what you like from a creative and readability standpoint.

This is the default type for Kalatu

This is the default type for Kalatu bolded

Which of these fonts and sizes do you like?



This is Andale Mono.


We use 14 point for us Baby Boomers that can not always read 8 point. 

The smallest I would go for a post would be 12 point, but that is just a personal preference.


This is Arial 14 point  This is Arial 12 Point

This is Arial Black 14 point.  This is Arial Black 12 point

This is Book Antigua 14 point.  This is Block Antigua 12 point

This is Comic Sans 14 point.  This is Comic Sans 12 Point

This is Courier New 14 point. This is Courier New 12 point

This is Georgia 14 point. This is Georgia 12 point

This is Helvetica 14 point. This is Helvetica 12 point

This is Impact 14. This is Impact 12 point

I do not know 14 point. I do not know 12 point

This is Tahoma 14 point. This is Tahoma 12 point

This is Terminal 14 point. This is Terminal 12 point

This is New Times Roman 14 point. This is New Times Roman 12 point

This is Trebuchet MS 14 point. This is Trebuchet MS 12 point

This is Veranda 14 point. This is Veranda 12 point

This is Webdings 14 point  This is Webdings 12 point

This is Wingdings 14 point This is wingdings 12 point


The last two are a bit confusing Webdings and Wingdings.  Not sure what they are used for.


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