Cute Miniature Foal

Cute Miniature Foal 

Enjoy this cute miniature foal as it runs wild at this show.  Why am I showing you this video?  Because it is cute and we used to drive by a nice sized miniature horse farm in Layfayette, IN on our way to our Dressage barn.

You see, the love of my life loves Dressage and she used to drive an hour and a half to get to her lessons in West Layfayette, IN so I have seen a lot of miniature horses.  This video above reminded me of that.

Now we live about 45 minutes away from her lessons.  We own two horses and will probably have three plus by the time we are done as one of our horses Brina is a Brood Mare that is going to the USDF National Championships for Freestyle Riding( this is horse and rider doing a dance to Music)

She loves baby horses(foals) for the non-horse people in my reading audience.

I found this cute foal running wild video and I want to Thank YouTube and GenerationKNit’s channel for this cute foal running wild video.  I hope me sharing this makes you smile.


Mine is linc( short for Lincoln my surname) and 1618 because that number is perfect proportionality in nature( I read that somewhere.)

That number 1.618 is why we are attracted to things in nature and to our mates, or things we find attractive, because that person, or thing in nature, has perfect proportionality in their features.

Everything is proportionally positioned according to 1.618 …eyes, mouth, nose etc.

The numbers would equal 1.618 if measured and a proportion equation was made between the different freatures of the things we find attractive.  

Patterns in flowers exhibit this number too, and the whirls of a nautilus. Psychologically we find these patterns attractive and pay more attention to them.

Marketing and advertising uses this proportion as well when designing ads so we pay more attention to them as we are attracted to them.

So if you were attracted to this post you are the kind of person I would like to work with in this World to make it a better more beautiful and loving place.  The cute little foal was meant to find you and here you are. Welcome

It represents perfect and that is what this business is for me PERFECT!  and I knew the second I found it, which is why I chose it.  

I hope it is for you too 🙂

If you’d like to earn a living at home sharing cute videos like this, then click the yellow button on this page at the top, or bottom of the page, and put in our best email address so we can contact you later.

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