David Wood’s Original Blogs Are A Must Read

Reading David Wood’s Original Blog Is Priceless To A Serious Network Marketer

Read it here:  http://workwithdavidwood.com

In his original posts, and I would definitely start reading his earliest posts. You may have to click on some things, get on a few of his lists, but so what. He was then, and he is now, a brilliant copy writer. So it will be worth it.

David Wood Writes from The heart. He challenges the industry to be better. He runs head on into the biggest leaders at the time and he challenges them to be better too. He really understood the value of being able to sell products to customers as the main mode of earning a living.  The leveraged compensation was always gravy in his mind and it should be in yours too.

Residual income from selling products that have a monthly membership fee to use is the lifeblood of your business, or it should be is what he tried hard to get the leaders of the industry at the time to understand. 

He also hated all the things you hate about network marketing.  He set out to change the industry.  There is a long way to go as there are many deeply entrenched in the go for the no mentality.

Now there is nothing wrong with taking away the sale if the customer is resisting or being difficult, but dialing the phone 50 to 150 times a day going for the no is a painful way to live.  I made my living as a telefundraiser and telemarketer for many of my years in sales.  So in this area I am an expert if you can say that I am an expert at anything LOL

Being on the phone sucks!  I hate it!  Ask my family it is really hard to reach me on the phone.

But I will do it as long as they, the customer(not my family or friends unless they beg me and they will…but they will have to Google linc1618 or my name Tom Lincoln first) if they have already purchased from me from my online marketing.

David also tells it like it is for the new member lovingly called “the newbie” He in no uncertain terms tells everyone reading his posts that you will have to work hard. He also warns people about quitting their JOBS too soon and spending money on advertising before you really understand it.  OOPS! I wish I would have read that post sooner LOL

David also does reviews of the positives and negatives of the company he is reviewing based on his opinion. He does not mince words and he warns people of bad companies if they have scammed him.

He really tells of his trials and tribulations, learning this Industry, but you can also hear in his writing, the love of the MLM Network Marketing industry and the people in it. David writes very naturally.

The telling tale of his hero’s journey, and he certainly is a hero to hundreds of thousands of people that have joined Empower Network, is that he struggled with technology just as we all do in the beginning and learned it as he got better at it, just as we all have.

David Wood's Hero's Journey

You see the Internet is a “Wild West” comparatively speaking to other legitimate industries in the world today.   Yes, I said it.  MLM or Network Marketing or Direct Sales, if you prefer is a legitimate industry if it is done according to the law just like any other business.

Their are good guys and bad guys and good women and bad women. You will find rich people and people that are literally living out of a van, and you should hear his positive spin

Tom Spinning A Rope

 Sorry I couldn’t resist!  Yes, that is a younger me as a stuntman/rope spinning instructor(long story)

David was always positive about his situation in the past. He really is a brilliant, intelligent, creative writer as well.  I think that is why I stayed with Empower Network this past two years.  It was him and the other leaders.  While it is network marketing, they do not exhibit the parts of network marketing I always hated.

1) Pushy Rah Rah meetings

2) being made to feel guilty if you felt weird about making a list of friends and family and dialing for dollars.

3) Needing to house inventory in your garage

4) Being kicked out of home meetings because of being one of those pyramid schemes

5) bugging your friends to invite their friends to a party at their house

6) bugging your co-workers or associates to buy from you you latest juice, lotion or potion.

7) Feeling like they really didn’t care about your success.

I feel exactly the opposite here.  If I want to quit he is fine with that,

I am in this for life…Period.

Sorry I got excited…

…Back to his earlier blogs

You can tell he is intelligent, meaning he can learn anything, by the way he talks about learning. I am enjoying reading his early writings, but more importantly I am using them as a market research tool to my exact target market.

It is really important that you do not try to sell to everyone.  If you try you will sell to no one.  I am learning a ton about who I want to be my target market.  I would say our but that would be too broad a market.  You will need to decide who your target market is going to be, as it is your business.

He also mentions the positive side and negative side of network market legends and celebrities or gurus and you get to watch David Wood grow as a business person and leader from the time he writes his first post to now, as he writes each post. I absolutely see why he is as good as he is on stage and in Google Hangouts…He has learned how to do this through the school of hard knocks and he has perfected his craft

It is reading his posts and then facebooking( I think that is a word if not it should be) the people he mentions, as I am not very well-versed in network marketing or online marketing.

In network marketing I never really ever carried through on the businesses I tried:

1) The Garage meeting for the company that sounds like Ramway with the circles on the board

2) The “purple clouds” that came from me, from my use of the products from the company that sounds like RuSkin and their line (I think no longer around) that sounds like Rinterior Design Rutritionals

3) My literally gettung chased out of a home meeting my sponsor was training me on for a company that sounds like Rickstar

4) My felling terrible when the cosmetic kit that I “let her try for a free trial” actually turned her face orane

5) The Jungle Juice that gave me the runs that was given to me for a free trial from a very reputable business associate from my sponsorship marketing agency days.

6) Oh and there were the three types of Real Estate and One type of Investment company I was in

None of that panned out and now I know why after reading David Wood’s earlier blog posts.

Kim Klaver also told me recently to teach people what I have learned.  Here goes a big psychographic trend of the kind of peope you want in your business that are like me, because I am in this for life and you can see I bought many times over in many different companies. So you want people that buy things, just like Justin Verrengia said last night.

I have been in my own business and I can relate with how David wrote in the beginning and how he writes now. Yes, I know that he has a ghost writer that does some of his posts, but I am more interested in reading his earliest work. You can learn so much about this industry by doing so.

You also get a great idea about what a good blog post looks like. Remember success leaves clues.

The names of the companies and even the names of the leaders or gurus don;t even matter. It is the feeling you get when you read his posts, and it is hard to describe.

No, I think I can…He figured it out, and you can too and he wants you to. He truly does. Now I know why Kim Klaver speaks so highly of David Wood. She has been in the top leader boards of 5 different Network Marketing companies in her lifetime. She is famous for telling like it is and appealing to a more educated audience. She has nothing but great things to say about him and he of her and I see why.

I am just getting started reading his old blog posts and clicking on links in them as they may now have been cleaned up and written by his staff, but in them if you look long enough, read all of these posts until current day as part of your reading daily commitment when you join our team. Read all of them and prepare for a lesson about the real world of Network Marketing.

Google and facebook the people he writes about. See what they have to say about him and other network marketers. That is a lesson in itself.

Now here is my biggest tip: Really dig into the components of his marketing funnel. This is why he has over 300,000 customers. He is all about selling to customers. Good because the FTC wouldn’t have it any other way and neither would I.

Bravo David Wood! Bravo! You are what this Industry has needed for 60 years.  I’ve only been introduced to it off and on for like 37 YEARS Good God it is Time to Make this thing Work! LOL

Thank You. I am very lucky to have met you through your writings, even though I have not met you in person yet. But I see you on stage next to me shaking my hand, or probably a knuckle bump as the stage will be full of so many people making money.

Thanks For Reading. Feel free to comment

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