Dawn French Horse Riding


Dawn French Horse Riding

  • Dawn French Hilarious Comedian

First I’d like to Thank Facebook and Dawn French for posting this hilarious video on facebook.

If you have ever ridden horses or been around people who ride horses you will be pleasanlty amused by how accurate they make fun of people who are beginners when it comes to riding horses.

I have been in the horse world now for going on 5 years, and I know practically nothing except to say I have seen these same things happen to me, and to the some women and men that have tried to get their horses to do what they want when riding them or grooming them.

I loved all the scenes but I died laughing with tears rolling down my cheeks when they started eating the grain and chewing on the hay like horses do and when they pretended they were jumping the jump course when they could not get their horses to jump the course.  Hilarious!

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