Digital Storytelling And Your Network Marketing Business

Digital Storytelling And Your Network Marketing Business

Story telling is an ancient communication form  that has been around since humans began to talk.  Archetypes have been used throughout history and in all cultures of the world to communicate human behavior to each other through storytelling.

Great story tellers are great speakers and persuaders.  You are in the business of persuading others to help them make a decision to buy your products and services.

Books tell stories, stories are written using archetypes or characters.  These archetypes communicate a message that brings out an emotional response in people.  Have you ever seen people cry in a movie?  The reason… they are relating to their own archetype in part of their life, and reacting emotionally.  Emotions are very powerful.  ”Emotions are the magnifying glass to the sole.” – of a person…

What drives them, what makes them feel pain, joy, sorrow etc.

How people act, think and respond to other people is what we are talking about here.  See this list below of the most common archetypes that all cultures in the world, throughout history seem to use.  They all use the same “language,” the language of storytelling to get their message across.

See if You can relate to any of these characters in your lifetime.  Remember a time in your life were you might have had or currently have, any of these traits,  because these characters represent all traits of all types of people.  

People buy with their emotions.  You are in the business of helping people buy your products or services. Tap into their adaptive emotions and you tap into a world of riches.  This is what advertising agencies and marketing agencies understand and use every day to help you buy their products or services.

See if you remember acting like any of these human characters at any point in your life.  The more you can relate with these characters and portray that in part of your story, the more a greater percentage of people you communicate with, will relate and respond emotionally to what you are saying. The better your story will relate to other people. When you talk to or write something that is trying to ”persuade them,”  the better your results will be.   Especially, when you are in a sales, marketing or advertising situation.

This list of archetypes derived from Wikipedia

Although archetypes can take on innumerable forms, there are a few particularly notable, recurring archetypal images:

The concept of psychological archetypes was advanced by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, c. 1919. In Jung’s psychological framework, archetypes are innate, universal prototypes for ideas and may be used to interpret observations. A group of memories and interpretations associated with an archetype is a complex ( e.g. a mother complex associated with the mother archetype). Jung treated the archetypes as psychological organs, analogous to physical ones in that both are morphological constructs that arose through evolution.[8]

Jung outlined five main archetypes:

  • The Self, the regulating center of the psyche and facilitator of individuation,
  • The Shadow, the opposite of the ego image, often containing qualities with which the ego does not identify, but which it possesses nonetheless,
  • The Anima, the feminine image in a man’s psyche, or
  • The Animus, the masculine image in a woman’s psyche,
  • The Persona, the image we present to the world, usually protecting the Ego from negative images (like a mask), and considered another of ‘the subpersonalities, the complexes’.[9]

Although archetypes can take on innumerable forms, there are a few particularly notable, recurring archetypal images[citation needed]:

Jung also outlined what he called archetypes of transformation, which are situations, places, ways, and means that symbolize the transformation in question. These archetypes exist primarily as an energy and are useful in organizational development, personal and organizational change management, and extensively used in place branding.

What I believe this is saying is these archetypes represent the human race in all its glory!

Understand these traits of humans and you understand all humans in the world, although each is different, unique and special, their basic makeup, what makes them feel emotions, which influence their decisions, are derived from the above set of human conditions of the human psyche.

Understand these and relate to these, through story, with as many people of the World as you can, and you will unlock the keys to wealth beyond your wildest dreams.  

Billionaires are made from an understanding of these concepts.

That I believe is why the elite of the world are taught these stories by other elite.  Ever hear the saying “Readers are leaders”  They communicate through these stories, the classics, taught in all the major universities of the world….I wonder why…Not anymore, I think I have unlocked the secret, thanks to David Wood in the 15K formula.  Powerful stuff! You will get access to the older version, which is still very powerful when you get ALL IN and buy all your products.

This I believe is why scholars have at the London School of Economics, Harvard, Yale, and Cambridge all taught archetypal literature, throughout history, as it portrays how the elite of the world, the powerful of the world, understand the human psyche, and can at will, use this knowledge, this technology,if you will, to persuade people to make decisions for the common good of all humans. 

And it doesn’t hurt that if in the process  you are paid handsomely for this service.


The best sales, marketing and advertising copy or speech that will persuade people or help people to make buying decisions, will hinge on the current archetype each person perceives themselves to be in, at the time you are talking to them. This from CNBC

Look at a summary of archetypes below and look at each closely to understand what makes each of them so special.  What problems do each of these archetypes have? Address the solutions to these problems and you create value:

Read  Carl Golden for an easier to understand summary of Archetypes.

Look at the ancient buildings with carvings and pictures of these archetypes on them.  These artists and scholars, all art of the elite of society, were using these as a crude form of communication that the populace did not understand, yet that worked exceptionally to communicate to future generations through story telling, to persuade the general masses of people to follow them.

Examples of the best persuaders are the clergy and politicians.  They need to rely on archetypes of ancient history to be able to use stories to persuade the masses to come to church, worship and tithe each Week.  Stories are powerful persuading communication patterns of speech that politicians use to elicit emotion from the general voting public.


Now You have been given the secret to persuasive communication that has been used by the ruling class for centuries in all cultures of the world.  Caution:  Use this knowledge only for good.


If you would like to further understand how you can use archetypes in your network marketing business, I will be happy to be your guide.  Start by getting ALL IN Here. Or just start with one product that will help make you a Top Producer in your company by clicking Here

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