Dreaming Big Enough

Dreaming Big Enough

Are you dreaming big enough?  Do your dreams make you uneasy?  

If not make them bigger, then when you accomplish them you will have the proof you need that you are worthy of love.

 Ultimately that is what we all want, to feel successful with ourselves and safe and secure, to never have to worry about money ever again.

 You can have all that if you are ready to start learning new things that may make you feel uncomfortable at first.  New things often do.  

But, just because it is new does not make it bad.

 In fact, get rid of bad and good, in marketing there is no good or bad or evil in marketing, only results.  

If you do not like your results then tweak what you are doing and test the results until you get the results that you want.  

You can make your dreams as big as you want, but first you have to believe in yourself like the Empower Network blog post, that I reblogged, talks about below

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Reblogged From Empower Network: Making the impossible possible

Empower Network: Making the impossible possible
The Hippie Jedi shares his formula for success


Everyone considers a number of things impossible, but what’s impossible to one person isn’t as impossible for others. The key is to remember that what you might think is impossible may actually be the opposite; you can make the impossible possible.


During a recent Empower Hour call, Justin Verrengia, “the Hippie Jedi,” shared his journey of making the impossible possible by going from a life laden with more than $500,000 in debt to one overflowing with success.


All it took was believing in himself.


Success is mostly mental. Often, people who have low self confidence fail. They don’t believe in what they’re doing and they don’t believe they can be successful, so they’re not.


One step in the right direction might be all you need to change your view toward the impossible being possible. Through it all, be mentally wealthy. It doesn’t matter if you’re poor financially, you just have to focus on your vision of success and what you want to achieve. Then, you can make it a reality.


Believing you can be successful is not an easy process. You need to invest in yourself and boost your self confidence by plugging into different kinds of self-help training. Once that happens, the way you talk and your thought processes will evolve.


People are attracted to those with self confidence and are more open to listening to

and believing those who display it. With your new self confidence, you will be able to help others achieve success by teaching them what you know. Teaching provides value to the marketplace, and your income is a direct reflection of the value you’re providing.



What does that mean, exactly?


When you empower people by educating them, they get value out of it, and when you help people, it comes back to you.

What dreams do you have?

What did you once believe was impossible that you accomplished anyway?

What do you plan on making possible now that you know the formula for success?

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