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Easy Blogging Platform
Easy Blogging Platform

Two Blogging Hacks Revealed On An Easy Blogging Platform

The easy blogging platform you are reading this blog post on is called Kalatu.’ There are 5 styles with literally hundreds of thousands of different ways to make your blog, look like your blog. Check out this platform while you read this post about 2 blogging hacks below.

You’re afraid you can’t afford a domain name for your site, blog or capture page? How does $1.17 cents sound? Almost anyone can afford a domain name if you know how.

  1. Discount Godaddy Domain Name Coupons


    1) Go to Google and search for the long-tail keyword phrase, “Discount Godaddy Coupons”
    2) Choose the description that talks about $0.99 cent domain names.
    3) Do not choose any more than one year for the domain name.

    Ignore all the offers, and be careful that you are only getting charged the absolute minimum for your domain. Keep focused on the checkout window. You only want to test this domain name for a year. You can always pay for a second year.

    Godaddy is in business to sell you their products and services. I am not saying they are bad. This Hack is for people that buy website domain names for dirt cheap. To do this, you need to follow these guidelines above.

    Godaddy has excellent customer service people. Give them a call, you will be happy with their customer service staff.

    Use this hack to get multiple cheap domain names to use in Facebook pages, I have 44 domain names all current. I spent way too much for 43 of them. Yes, I am a little slow. But, not anymore! $1.17! I saw that and started to do my happy dance.



  2. Grammarly Lite For Editing Online Grammar and Spelling


    I use this digital hack every day. I love writing! But I am a bad speller and my grammar, when writing is always suspect. Red lines are placed under words that are critical errors like spelling, and green lines are placed under words that have grammar errors.

    I have a problem in my writing with commas.I have been since I started creative writing in High School and Got A’s, and in College Literature, and got A’s in content and an F in grammar! It’s true!

    I have been a “comma splicer”  since I started creative writing in High School, when I got A’s, and also later in College Literature, where I got “A’s in content and an F in grammar!”  That little old lady crucified me!  It’s true!  But I digress.  This part of the post is about Grammarly.com

    Grammarly Lite is free, and it will tell you that some things need to be fixed when really they are sending you to their site, to buy the paid version.

    It is probably a better product and you may want to look into it. But, for right now I am using the free version and it is teaching me to be a better writer…I hope, tell me what you think down below in the comments…I can take it LOL

    It will even ask you if you want letters capitalized…I just found that out while typing this post…LOL


    hack image

These two hacks are just some of the hacks and tactics and strategies you will learn with our training for our blogging system. To earn a living online you need:

To earn a living blogging online you will need a platform that:

1) contains a high converting product or service offer

2) has a high converting capture page(s) to capture email addresses

3) Also has the ability to send those leads emails broadcast and follow-up emails tied to a autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse.

This viral blogging system that you are reading this blog on costs me just $25/month.

Blogging Platform Only $25 US
This Easy Blogging Platform is only $25 US

It can be used to blog about:

1) your primary network marketing offer
2) your affiliate product
3) You can even blog about niches that you are passionate about.

If you are ready to get your own blog with all this and so much more it would take many, many blog posts to cover accurately. If you are ready for a change in the results you get in your business, or you want to start your own business, and if you are ready to blog daily for 21 days to get used to it, then I will be your guide. Click the link below to get started as an affiliate or customer.  You can decide that once you try out Kalatu’ one of the easiest blogging platforms I have ever used.  I am a 52-year-old, tech-challenged guy.  Just a normal guy.  If I can do this so can you.

Click Here I Will Be Your Guide Beyond Your Awareness

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