Edit Your Videos With Camtasia Studio And Share Them Online

Learning How To Edit Your Videos With Camtasia Studios Can Be Very Lucrative For Your Business

Editing your videos with Camtasia Studio and sharing them online in:
1) Public Video Sharing sites like YouTube, or Vimeo or the New Wistia
2) On Empower Network’s Server so your channels do not get shut down, is a good marketing strategy.
I use my Android camera phone to take videos and download them onto my computer using a USB to a mini phone jack cord.  I use a Sony Video Camera.
The Sony  video camera I use, I bought at Best Buy.  I had no idea what I was doing (lol)
The HDRCX-430,  8.9 megapixels( I have no idea what that means lol) it films nicely, and takes great HD, digital videos.  It was the best investment I’ve made in my business since I started it in 1993, well that, and Camtasia Studio.
Snagit™ software( image capturing and editing) is also a great find.  TechSmith™ the maker of Camtasia Studio™ also makes Snagit.  I use that to incorporate images into my videos when I need them.  It opens up what I can do creatively.
Snagit is the paid version with more “bells and whistles” than Jing, free image and video capturing software.  
The only issue I had with the earlier version of JING™ is it’s video format was  .SWF and that did not work well in Camtasia.  
I found MP2 and MP4 formats worked best(again I have no idea what that means and do not need to, and I still get nice videos)

So even if you make mistakes, it is easy to edit videos using camtasia studios. LOL  I definitely have to work on my video presentation skills.  I am a little rusty.  I love video marketing, as it lets you be yourself(I like teaching) and earn a nice living doing it.
Your results will vary. To see average earnings go to:

1) Editing Videos with Camtasia Studios™


  • It makes it so much easier to edit videos using Camtasia Studios  
  • You can download videos right onto your computer
  • Put them into your editing bin.  
  • From there it is as easy as dragging and dropping
  • Clips you want to use
  • You can add transitions(I owe you a video on that the video was getting too long)
  • Music and audio narration
  • You can do screen recordings from your computer screen(great for learning doing teaching videos)
  • Presentations where the person is speaking the words you are reading on the screen?  They are done with Camtasia Studios
  • Windows in a screen recording, where the person speaking is seen?  That was Camtasia Studios too.
  • Call out boxes and all sorts of shapes, as well as colors are all possible with Camtasia Studios, and you can write on them too.

 Editiding Your Videos With Camtasia Studio Clip Bin


The editing screen, has so many features that make it easy to use once you play around with all them a little, and once you make lots of mistakes learning how to become a video editor.
Here is a tip I got from some professional videographers with lots of awards:

Make each edit 5 seconds long.  That is the key to a great video versus an OK video.  Our attention span is not much more than 5 seconds long.  I have worked with some great video people and they like 5 second edits.  Test it, and see what kind of results you get as far as conversions go.  You may consider polling your audience to see what they like as well.


2) Sharing Videos With Camtasia Studio


Camtasia Studio Makes it so much easier to share videos in the proper format.  It is as easy as using a toggle button and scrolling down to the format you want to share it too.  HD and MP4 is my preferred format for video,  as the crisp, clean video, is what you end up with as a finished produced video:

1) First You Take The Video

2) Then You Download The Video To Your Computer

3) Then you upload the Video file to Camtasia.

4) Edit it in Camtasia by dragging it into the editing screen

5) Share it to your desired destination with Camtasia after you produce it.


Editing Your Videos With Canmtasia Studio Record Screen

It really is an all in one software for producing professional videos(or at least that look similar to professional videos)

YouTube is a breeze if you like sharing your Videos there.  

I also keep a file on my computer, of the finished product, just in case my channel gets shut down.

We also have out Empower Network Media Server that you can save your videos on

(I recommend that)  

This way, your videos, that are tied to your offers, will never get shut down by “a hater.” That is someone who takes pleasure at shutting down YouTube channels.  It happened to me, painful as it was, it was a good lesson, I will share with you sometime at an event.  Events are great places for video too! In fact the video above, those clips were taken in Miami as I was going to an event.

You could also get your own server, but that is a post for another time.  This would definitely be an advanced topic.

In Conclusion:

If a 53-year old, tech-challenged, person can figure out how to produce and share over 350 videos you can figure it out too.  My first YouTube channel got shut down, as I mentioned above, but that did not stop me.   I started another one and another.

Success leaves clues…Jon Penbernathy started one for each video he did on the way to the leaderboards.

You see working online with video and learning how to edit your videos with Camtasia Studio is not hard.


It just takes practice and not being afraid, to not make it perfect every time.  Produce one video a day and you will get good at it after about 50 videos or sooner, or later, depending on Your skill and ability to learn new things.

 You may need to fail forward, like I do, test some things out, see if you like them, and measure the results.  Are you making money with your videos?  Then they are working!  

That is the measure.  Views are nice, but remember you are making these videos to make money, right?  Or, perhaps this is a personal hobby then that is fine too.

That will come with time.

Mine still are not perfect, but each one gets me closer and closer to where I want them to be.  The best part I love doing them.  It is my passion!  Find your passion and you will never work another day in your life.  Truer words were never spoken.

Remember, they do not have to be perfect.  People like real people, just be yourself. The rest, the polished look will come with time.  Enjoy the creative process.   Make your videos fun and people will like that!

I have made an infinitesimal amount of mistakes while on my journey to editing videos with Camtasia. You are going to make mistakes.  Learn from each one, and get better.

Google anything you do not understand, or YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia it. Wistia has a wonderful tutorial on video production and lighting.

TechSmith™ also has some great tutorials on Camtasia Studio™ and Snagit™

If you’d like to get your own blog that you can add videos to that you made in Camtasia Studio, then click here and get started.  If you want more info watch the presentation below.

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  1. Wow such a detailed and thoughtful post! Love the details you went into and the determination after having your previous channel get shut down to keep going and making more awesome content! Fantastic.


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