Using Email Marketing with Autoresponders To Communicate With Your Prospects

Emailing is one of three essential activities an online entrepreneur must learn how to do if they want to be successful.


    When you market a business online
    you must learn how to write titles of for your emails that get at least a 5% open rate
    You must get people to click on your links, the whole purpose is to turn opt-ins( prospects)
    into converted salesOpt-ins, are used when someone clicks on a link, a picture or a video that takes them to a web page that allows them to put their email in the box and hit the buy now or let me in or some other call to action, button, indicating the buyer wants more information.

    Then you send them the follow-up messages to help them form a relationship with the prospect. When I say prospect I say that with respect. Prospects as opposed to suspects have one of these three characteristics:

    1) Pain that they are in and they think that your product or service will help them solve that pain, or alleviate it

    2) Fear that they will be in pain in the future and they want to be prepared

    3) They have an unfulfilled gain opportunity that they think your product or service can fix that pain,

    If one of these three things above is present you have a real chance of making a sale. Well, you have a real chance of one of the following happening:

    1) They buy from You
    2) They buy from someone else
    3) They do nothing sad but true

    Why because the compelling reason to change >(read greater than) than the pain of change.

    Now it is widely known in marketing and entrepreneur
    circles that it takes about 6 contacts with your prospects before they even know you exist.

    Autoresponders help make this task easier by allowing you two types
    of communication messages:

    1) Broadcast emails you can send at any time
    2) Follow-up emails you can write and schedule to go out periodically

    Both allow your prospects, who have opted into your list to get to know you while you are out doing something else.

    It is important to make the emails a reflection of:

    1) the kind of audience you want to work with
    2) who you are as a person and business owner

    There is a bit of testing that goes along with any email you write. 80% of all emails will fail. 20% will get at least a 5% open rate and a 1-2% click-through-rate.

    If you have a capture page or sales system tied to your emails you will see a 1-2% conversion rate for direct response emails.

    So keep that in mind when you are measuring your results and work backward.

    You need about 100 opt-ins for each sale if these numbers are your numbers. You may have better or worse numbers.

    Test, measure, tweak and measure again. This is a marketers world. You can create your results this way and then scale it up.

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There are three simple tactics that online marketers use to sell whatever they are selling. If you’d like to use online marketing for your business, if you are a serious entrepreneur, there will be a learning curve, but using our products and getting around the right people in our community, really helps accelerate that curve. If you are interested in learning more:

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