Empower Network Multi Level Marketing

Empower Network Multi Level Marketing

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If you know me, you know I am a pretty straight shooter.

Four New Empower Network Events

Today I was literally flabbergasted by the energy that I saw for the Empower Network Organization today and more important, the heart of it’s leaders.

Multi level Marketing

I also saw a sea of people literally rush the stage today(your results in your marketing methods may vary and will be your own)  To see average earnings click here http://yourlastjobever.com/income

Get all the wonderful educational, marketing and advertising training products that will help any business owner expose their business, to more of the right people, faster, and at less expense than traditional marketing consultation companies out there.

Plus it is the coolest group of people in the Network Marketing industry hands down.

I have gone to many Empower Network events and I work closely, as a workout partner with one of the up and coming leaders. He just spoke on stage at the Orlando event in 2015.  I attended three of the four Empower Network regional events across the US and many more.

I dare any company to say they have better educational products on Internet marketing, and a more committed, fun, and with loving leadership, with as big a vision, as Dave Wood and Chris Jones.

Empower Network and IPAS2 have merged and will soon be launching Project Titan, proving that Empower Network, now 4 years old, is in this for the long run, creating at least 100 millionaires a year.

Your income results in Empower Network will vary from mine, you may make less, or no money if you do not build a business, or you may make more than me.  Please click this link or picture below for a fully transparent view of what people make in this business

Empower network is now focused on training home-based business owners who want to:

1) Produce more sales
2) Participate in Personal Development
3) Keep Teams around longer once you build them and know what to do when people leave as they are going to do.
4) Obtain Mass Influence in your company, whatever it is, and in the marketplace

They have turned their whole company and fed it a diet of steroids(not literally but they are revolutionizing multi level marketing which is best described as an automatic positioning based on when you make Gold Level($10,000 per month in commissions) deep leg.  This way Leaders get a chance to help team members build one huge leg down and every one earns more money.  PLus coming soon Project Titan will again revolutionize
the industry as we now it

This income disclosure will explain but the picture is probably lower level income than the Uni-Line™ compensation plan will produce for our Empower Network community.

It is a community of professional networkers, probably the best in the World.  You may be one of them if you are here reading this you are the kind of person that makes decisions and feels good about them when they see results quickly and they look cool for having made a decision to build this fast. You are going to have a lot of fun at our next event!

Income Disclosure Page

To join us at our next event click the banner below and watch the video and do what it says, but you know that as you are probably already scrolling down to do just that.  See you on the inside 😀

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