You are an entrepreneur I want to work with if you have any of the following traits or qualities ūüôā

*Your Goal…People miss goals all the time…

Why not set an outcome like I have, of $20,000 month or better online?

…Outcomes have defined ways of achieving the end result.

Outcomes are reached because you take definite action…

We Will Show You How…

If just one thing below resonates with you, you are one of us:

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I am looking for people that will read this entire message to the end because they are serious about their future!


-People that are not afraid to type “Badass” because they know it is a term of endearment in the online marketing world. How you think about a word is your frame of reference not mine ūüôā


 [Our marketing methods can be applied to your current business, small or large]


[You do not have a business, but you are looking for the right business to invest in]

I am looking to connect with individuals who:

-Own a consulting business or want to.  They are great at a certain skill but not enough people know that yet.

-Are like me or are willing to be themselves, and do not care what people think.

-Are willing to be ethical and obey the law, regardless of how much money they can make.

-Have a burning desire to become financially successful in life, no matter what!

-Are into and practice personal development daily

-Are very spiritual

Listen to David Wood tell you more about this business in this 10 minute video:



-That meditate or would like to learn how to meditate, do affirmations and practice The Law of Attraction.

-Have worked in the medical field or not, and know that they want out of it as soon as they can find a way out, that will allow them a chance to live the lifestyle they have acquired and become accustomed to.

-Have their own business or are looking for the right business to start

Listen to David Wood tell you about this business in a 10 minute video:


-Have been burned in the past like I have by people not telling the whole truth about their product

-May have received an inheritance recently and looking for a good way to invest it, that will pay off big time in the future

-Looking for people that are willing to work as long as it takes, as hard as it takes until they no longer will have to work anymore.

-Looking for people that are able to follow a simple set of videos and do what each video tells them to do.

-Looking for people that are not paralyzed by analysis paralysis.  They will look at a video and do what it says.  Look at another video and do what it says, until they have finished each video.

-Looking for people that are willing to start part-time until they see full-time income and then become full-time in this business or have a downline already and a big list and want to make better commissions than they can currently make in their company.

Listen to David Wood tell you about this business in a 10 minute video:



-Looking for people:

-Traditional brick and Mortar business
-In Network Marketing
-In Affiliate Marketing



-Looking to learn how to effectively market online

-Looking for an effective way to use the leverage power of social media

-Looking for a way to do cost effective time management.

-Looking for people that are not afraid to invest in the equipment and software they need to set up a good online business

-Looking for people that are not afraid to invest $1,000, $3,000 or $4625 into a business that will pay them one million dollars or more as has happened in two years for 8 of our affiliates.

-Looking for people that can afford at least $200/month to grow their business. This is money that is not rent money, or living expense money.  This is extra money.

Listen to David Wood tell you about this business in a 10 mnute video:


-Looking for people that are willing to give up TV for as long as it takes to become successful

Your results will vary.  Go here to see average earnings updated daily:


-Looking for time freedom to give your clients great service

-Looking to learn how to create an additional stream of income

-Looking to replace that retirement nest egg that was destroyed in the 2008 market crash and the 6 years of slow …practically non-growth that followed

…Maybe you are concerned that you will get laid-off, and you need to protect your assets you’ve worked so hard all your life.

…maybe you’ve been in your company for some time now, and you’re feeling like you’re spinning your wheels, and getting nowhere…

…maybe you’re someone who has seen success offline, or in a traditional, brick and mortar company, but you have no idea how to leverage the Internet & social media in your business…


…maybe you are in a company¬†and your sponsor has entered the witness protection program and you have no team, support, or resources…

…Maybe you owe the IRS a lot of money.

…Maybe you just inherited a nice some of money¬†and you want to invest it in education for yourself to discover how to become better at copy-writing, sales and marketing.


…maybe you’re a parent¬†and you are barely making ends meet and you need a MIRACLE to get you through your financial mess…

…Maybe you’re a Senior Nurse( God bless you for all you’ve sacrificed)¬†and you are done with the bedside and you want a way to life the lifestyle you understand now but that gives you time freedom to enjoy what makes you happy.


….Maybe you are a doctor¬†and you are fed up and ready to try another way to make money that will allow you to take a vacation without fearing a lawsuit when you get back…

…Maybe you are sick and tired of paying ridiculous malpractice insurance payments

…Maybe you are sick and tired of family-members getting in the way of you taking care of your patients

…Maybe you are sick and, tired of administration having no clue what bedside medicine is really all about

…Maybe you are sick and tired of going along to get along with everyone in that is tied to the medical profession

Listen to co-founder David Wood tell you about this business in a 10 minute video:



…Maybe you are familiar with Rotary International and you want to make a ton of money to do great work in the World

…Maybe you have never been a good employee¬†and you are done working for anyone else ever again, but you now need a way to make money!

…Maybe you own horse(s)and you know they “eat money”, but you love seeing the smile it puts on your Love’s face, so you need a way to make a lot of money to support the travel, equipment and lifestyle the equestrian World requires.

…Maybe you are a SCUBA diver¬†and you know it takes a lot of money and time to go to the best destinations in the World.

…Maybe you are sick and tired of failing at every, single business or investment you’ve ever tried, you are ready to discover how you can be happy for the rest of your life.

Listen to David Wood tell you about this business in a 10 minute video:


…Maybe you are over 50¬†and you have never been able to say you are a responsible adult.

….Maybe you desperately want to change, because you’ve finally found a partner, your¬†solemate, that you love and you want to marry them, but they deserve the best life has to offer, they have given so much of themselves for others all their life¬†and you will not saddle them with tons of debt.

…..Maybe you want to travel the World with your love while you are still able to physically

….Maybe this is your last chance, at Financial Independence

…Maybe you are scared to death that our economy is going to collapse¬†and you need money to be able to buy the things your family will need to survive the coming crisis.


Or…maybe you’re a disgruntled employee. You know that you don’t belong in a job¬†and you’re not serving your life’s purpose where you’re at, and you just don’t know where to begin doing something DIFFERENT…

…Maybe you have serious OCD¬†and you have never been able to figure this world out and you want to make a ton of money and then go live your life in freedom doing what you, want, when you want, with the people you love!

…Maybe you want to see an end to all Wars¬†and you believe that if each person felt passionate about something they are good at, there would be no time for Wars.

…Maybe you just want to be able to have a great blog about whatever you are passionate about, or an expert in, and you do not know how to use WordPress.

…Maybe you just want to have a “what you see is what you get blog system that is easy to use” that is only $25/month to use.

…Maybe you know that you are not allowed to sell things on your WordPress blog

…Maybe you want to learn how to be a better copywriter

…Maybe you want to learn how to do better SEO

…Maybe you want to learn how to get a better Page Rank for your website.

…Maybe you learned article marketing and have only been able to make $12.38 in 5 years, and you are sick and tired of no knowing what you are doing

…Maybe you have had your YouTube Channel shut down and you need a new media host for only $25/month

…Maybe you just want to be an affiliate and make tons of money



…Maybe you have been successful in the past and you have an income goal you cannot breakthrough

…Maybe you believe that if everyone in this world was passionate about something, and was able to make a business out of living that passion, then there would be no time or arguments, disputes and wars!

…Maybe your vision is for everyone to become the best version of themselves and live with passion every day of the rest of their lives.

…Maybe you are sick and tired of trying to raise sponsorship dollars because you know how hard it is to get sponsorship

…Maybe you are sick and tired of going through 300 sponsorship applications in on your desk

…Maybe you just want to build water wells in Africa

…Maybe you have¬†charity that you’d like to give a lot of money but you have to make it first.

…Maybe you just graduated college and you cannot find a JOB

¬†IF you’re someone who is looking for CHANGE, for a better LIFESTYLE, for FREEDOM…it’s looking for you too. And you have always known that, but you just have not found the right resource to actualize your true destiny


Where do I sign UP?


You’re not seeing this post by accident, now is your chance to TAKE ACTION NOW.


(space is limited to 10,000 people join when you want. ¬†This will be available as long as I am in business.¬† I will retire when I hit my 10,000 person outcome) Don’t believe me?¬† Don’t join me.¬† Join someone that only wants to get a million dollar ring. ¬†

I am looking for outstanding people or people that want more out of life and are driven to work for it!




-Tom Lincoln

PS. If you have questions after this letter -SMH ūüôā Just Join here ūüôā


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