A Look Inside The Entrepreneur.com: The Psychology of Being An Entrepreneur

What Makes an Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur: an introspection

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    Here are the top articles written by famous entrepreneurs. As I write this post I have become acutely aware how rare a breed being an entrepreneur really is. As I read this list of articles from a top entrepreneur magazine www.entrepreneur.com we get a good idea about the social and psychological issues an entrepreneur faces.  I want you to know that I have been a struggling entrepreneur since 1993 when I first decided I wanted to own my own business, until I stumbled upon a system that makes an entrepreneurs life much better, producing better results in theri business. We’ll talk about me at a later date. Right now, the purpose of this article is to really look at what makes an “entrepreneur tick” This will be the first of a series of posts on this subject.

    OK, here we go. First let’s look at the titles of the articles Trending Now:

    1) The Dating App That Refused Mark Cuban’s $30 Million
    2) Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Here’s How To Know
    3) 6 Personality Flaws That Could Lead To Entrepreneurial Success
    4) The 9 Things That People Decide Within Seconds of Meeting You
    5) These Ten Podcasts May Just get You To Stop Listening To Music

    What can we tell is important to an entrepreneur from this list and why should we care? Because we are entrepreneurs. We help others who already have an entrepreneurial mindset. It is important when you are in network marketing, MLM, or direct sales that you only speak to people who are most likely to buy your product or service.  They most likely consider themselves entrepreneurs.

    Stay out of the make “money fast niche.” Those people will want to treat this as a lottery ticket, and they will have all sorts of questions and want to know “the secrets.” You want to help others who are already of the entrepreneur mindset. You do not want to sell to that kind of person.  You want to sell to someone that is already looking to buy what you are selling

    You can not convince someone from Corporate America to start their own business if they do not have entrepreneur ideas already. We all came from the 9-5 JOB world at one point, but do you really want to work with a “You” when you first got started in business for yourself? I will answer that with an emphatic “Hell No!” I was a mess back then. You want to sell to people that already “get it” They already understand what starting a business is all about. They are already entrepreneurs. They just want to be better at it. The headlines above tell that in volumes.

    The first one about Mark Cuban. Wouldn’t we all like to be the owner of that App? The second headline talks about the entrepreneur doubting his or herself. We all do it, as no one wrote the book for how to be an entrepreneur, we are trailblazers and we fall down a lot. But successful(there is that word again) always fall down 7 times and get up 8.

    You see in most cases entrepreneurs did not fit into the traditional 9-5 now did they. They have a period of struggle that makes them stronger as they develop into a success. Notice how SUCCESS is the ultimate outcome of any entrepreneur. During this time they research their marketplace and decide on the best approach toward success.

    The next headline speaks of the entrepreneur’s need to always be right, as they are always being judged by others. Both their peers and their prospects are always sizing up the entrepreneur to decide whether or not they are competent. Their competence decides whether they eat or pay the mortgage so they always are working on improving themselves.

    The last in this series of trending topics talks about how entrepreneurs are always trying to improve themselves again to gain an edge on their competition. Entrepreneurs are very competitive individuals. They will even stop listening to music, to gain that edge by listening to the top ten podcasts, if they think that it will lead them to success.

    How can I write about being an entrepreneur? I have been one since 1993 it is in my blood. I recently found a system that will help any struggling entrepreneur gain a competitive advantage communicating with people, correction, entrepreneurs( entrepreneurs are not just everyday people we are a very special breed)

    Being an entrepreneur is hard enough and Entrepreneur.com certainly has a great set of helpful articles you should all read. But, learning how to use the leveraged power of the Internet the correct way, the way that puts more money in your bank account, can certainly help your business.  Being an entrepreneur is hard enough and Entrepreneur.com certainly has a great set of helpful articles you should all read. But, learning how to use the leveraged power of the Internet the correct way, the way that puts more money in your bank account, can certainly help your business.

    Is there a wrong way to use the Internet. Absolutely, people approach me every day the wrong way and I just politely decline their advance. You see we are entrepreneurs. We know what we want when we see it, and we are always looking to improve.

    We also, have dreams, and lifestyles that most people will think is crazy. Come on admit it 🙂

    If this is you, and I am preaching to the choir, then you may want to look at this system that will make it easier for other entrepreneurs, that do not have a lot of questions, that just take action, and buy what you are selling, and I do not care what you have planted your entrepreneurial flag in. The most important part is that you did plant your flag, you believe in what you are helping people buy from you.

    If this is you I will be your humble guide beyond your awareness of what is possible on the Internet.

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  2. Latest Articles: Entrepreneur.com

    Let’s continue our examination of the latest articles found on Entrepreneur.com

    Customers Are Not Always Right They Are Just Never Wrong – Customers are a measuring stick for an entrepreneur being successful(there is that word again) or not being a success…the kiss of death to an entrepreneur.

    7 Personality Types That Can Make or Break Your Meeting. Entrepreneurs are always in meetings, even if they are online. Online marketing and sales results in the entrepreneur meeting the customer in one way or the other, even if it is through the customer using the entrepreneurs digital products and services and determining their value to the entrepreneur using them. Understanding the psychology of other entrepreneurs is essential for success as an entrepreneur.

    3 Signs You Are Addicted To Interruptions. It is said, somewhere in a study that I do not remember which of the thousands of studies I’ve read or been referred to since I became an entrepreneur, it is said that it takes 45 minutes to get back into the train of thought you were in when you get interrupted. Interruptions can kill an entrepreneur’s productivity for sure. If your productivity is killed you do not eat as well, and you are not as successful as if you stayed focused and did not let interruptions get in your way.

    Help Protect Your Server and Your Computer. We are always being sold something. As entrepreneurs, people target us because we use stuff and have money. When was the last time you went to a “networking meeting” and did not feel like everyone was trying to sell you their product or service under the guise of ” Let’s get together to see if we can help each other.” Really? Come On be real. If I can help you by making an introduction I will be happy to do it, but only if you are real with me.

    Your Invited: Setting The Table For Restaurant Success( there is that word again) Most restaurants do not make it. Entrepreneur.com knows that and they hold events to help. Of course, you pay one way or the other for these events, either up front or in the back end by buying their training products. I am sure they are good, as Entrepreneur.com is a very reputable magazine.

    Advice For Older Americans Seeking Employment – This one is kind of sad, as there are many Baby Boomers that did not plan well for their retirement, and now have to fund a way to make their retirement years enjoyable. Some are looking for a second career that they enjoy. I am just lucky I found my products and they happened to enhance my offerings as a marketing agency. Bonus! While being in business exploring your passions is great it is still a business and you must sell your products and services and many people do not like or know how to sell. I got lucky there as I have had many years experience doing just that, learning to sell by selling on the front lines since 1993. The older “wisdom keepers” do not always have that going for them.

    9 Ideas to Make Side Income While Growing Your Business. Get your attention? Then you have not made yourself a success yet have you? If you were a success, this headline would have no appeal to you. I know what it is like to “grow a business” That can mean many things. Many an entrepreneur, including myself has used that excuse to justify staying in business. “I am growing my business.”
    Are you growing your income? That is the true measure of success if you are really an entrepreneur. If you are not honest enough with yourself to admit that please stop reading. I can not help you and never buy anything from me.

    We could go on and on and will cover more articles in future posts. But do you get the idea? I help real entrepreneurs that would have great interest in this post and the posts I mentioned in Entrepreneur.com

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We help real entrepreneurs that would have great interest in this post and the posts I mentioned in Entrepreneur.com. If you are a struggling entrepreneur or an entrepreneur that just wants to make more money using the leveraged power of the Internet the right way(the way that puts more money in your bank account) Then I will be your guide beyond your cureent awareness of what you can do to make more money and becie a success in your primary business and in life.

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  1. Very informative article here Tom. It gave me a lot of references to valuable information. Thanks so much for taking your time to share all this. Great blog by the way!

  2. Awesome post, Tom! I love Entrepreneur.com. It’s an amazing resource and great place for content ideas! You referenced a ton of things that I could write about , all here in one post! Thanks for sharing these, my friend! Now I have a new resource for ideas 😉 Thanks buddy!

    • That is awesome Dr. Steve! Coming from you that is a compliment and a half! I am very happy you have more to write about as I love reading your blogs!


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