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Attract Customers

The first step to attracting customers is to understand yourself.  If you do not listen to audios daily and read books from people that have already been where you are right now, then you are not stretching yourself and growing as a person or a business.  

The Roman’s fell into this trap of complacency and look what happened to them. Where did I learn that.  In a book called The 50th Law by Robert Greene and 50Cent. This book is an encyclopedia-mix of the classics in literature and the street-smarts of the gangs of the South Side of Chicago.  

It is a brilliant book on mindset transformation, overcoming your fears and living a life on your terms.  It took a bot of stretching on my part to read a book from an ex-gang member, but I am so grateful I did listen to Tracey Walker, million-dollar-earner in Empower Network.  Having a proper mindset by reading anything is very beneficial.  Why because you are always fresh with new ideas and knowledgeable in subjects that leaders throughout history have been adept in. Readers are leaders.  All the great presidents and CEO’s of society are voracious readers.  Some read as much as 1-2 hours a day.  Success leaves clues folks.

Listening to audios helps as well because you will be listening to and gaining knowledge of this subject of mindset and leadership in an auditory fashion.  The very words the great people, leaders and inspirational figures in society, that you listen to will become engrained in your being, your psyche and your very essence of being.  

You will start to communicate in such a manner that you will surprise yourself.  Simply put, you will become a better communicator. If you can not communicate with your clients…game over, go back and work for someone else’s dreams.

Reach more customers for your business

Once you have te proper mindset then you need to get eyes, or awareness of your business to your clients or customers.  Who do you want to sell to and Everyone that has a pulse is not the right answer.  Who can you best serve?  Who has problems that your service or product, or a combination of the two can solve?

This can determined by looking at:

1) Your ideal customer’s demographics

2) Your ideal customers psychographics

Your customers demographics can be broken down or deconstructed into the following categories that describe you customers traits:

1) Your ideal customer’s age range

2) Your ideal customer’s ethnicity

3) Your Ideal customers gender

4) Your Ideal customer’s AHHI or Company-size based on Revenue or Number of employees or market share position, or number of sales, or amount of sales revenue for a given period

5) Location of your customer.  It is tempting to say the entire World.  take it in “baby-steps” dominate one sector of the World at a time.  You will find plenty of customers in smaller segments of the World population.

Psychographcs- This can be a whole book in itself but do you understand the compelling reason that your customer has emotionally and psychologically to make a purchase from you?  When you do you will discover the magic reason they buy from you.  By the way, it has very little to do with your features.  I am not belittling them.  They are just not as important as the practitioner that possesses them tends to think.

“The most important conversation you need to understand is the one that goes on between the ears of your prospect.”  

My mentors Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert of the Samurai Business Group taught me that. Once you can understand and communicate with that conversation of your ideal customer, then you will have figured out what 98% of all businesses fail to understand.  That is why they go out of business, most of them.

In conclusion, start by understanding yourself, your motivations, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and then stretch beyond yourself into new areas of leadership and thought, so that you are always growing and current in your industry.

You want to increase your value to your business and to your potential client’s life, by understanding them and who they are, and what keeps them up at night.  Then you will have unlocked the mystery of how you will get clients or customers.

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