12 Ways to Control Your Anxiety In Your Network Marketing Business

Controlling Anxiety In Your Network Marketing Business

The first thing you have to do to get over a deep seated fear of prospecting. The number one fear of beginning network marketers is to acknowledge deep down inside your psyche, or your mind if you prefer, that your fear of selling your network marketing products, and that that is what is making you uncomfortable. Later in this post we will give you 12 ways to defeat this fear in your mind.

12 ways To Conrtrol Anxiety in Your Network Marketing Business

We’ll get to those later on, but let’s address what is going on inside your mind so You can understand it.  Fear is OK, as it is a defense mechanism we use to stay safe.  It comes from being chased by wild animals when we were in our infancy as a species.

But, selling your network marketing products is not being chased by wild animals is it?


It’s OK to be afraid.  But you want to learn how to control your anxiety of your network marketing business naturally by using meditation.  Learn how to utilize the power of your imagination.  Imagine you are fine, you are at peace and one with everyone until it happens.  Start by learning meditation with an easy to start course called the Silva Mind Method.  

It is a free course.  It is how I learned to meditate and then I found it so cool and fascinating. I decided to explore meditation further and often and from a number of sources.  I even learned how to fly in my mind.   I made this recording to share it with you on Sound Cloud

We all get afraid.  But you do not have to let it stop your action in your network marketing business.  

In fact, use your fear of something new(as long as it will not deliberately hurt you or someone else) as an indicator that you need to stretch yourself. 

There are new skills you will have to learn to sell any products in any network marketing company or any business for that matter.  You want to appear and act professional, right?  

So this post is for people that want to learn how to help people buy your products.  You want to learn how to grow your team.  You want more customers and ones that are willing to spend money to invest in themselves and their future, right?

But, you hate rejection!  Breaking News! Every business owner hates rejection.  But, if you want to run your network marketing business without fear tell people the truth.  If they reject you that has you that much closer to someone who will be looking for what you sell and they will just show up and buy it.  Here is what I have learned from connecting with over 700 customers, not prospects.  

You will quickly learn that in online network marketing we never have to speak to prospects unless we want to.  We have the luxury of less pain by only speaking to customers.  Our marketing attracted them, and they bought one of the levels of our products without us talking to them.  This is the ultimate feeling for a network marketer.  You will quickly lose your fear of network marketing if you use a system to help you sort through the many to find the few and teach the few how to sort through the many as painlessly as possible.

1) Network Marketing is not for everyone 98% offline and about 94% online will not want to join your business.  For whatever reason you will here words like SCAM, illegal, pyramid scheme. 

If you run your business improperly then yes, those terms may match your business practices. But if you treat your network marketing business as a business that sells products that help people solve their problem. 

Namely, they want more out of life and they do not want to experience pain to get there.  OK, those are the kinds of people you want to work with.  If you get any objections do not try to overcome them, especially if you are marketing online.

It may be that these people you meet with your marketing are not ready to join your business with a membership yet.  They may still want to use your products if you believe in them. 

If you do not believe in your products, that is the first thing you want to do.  Find a company that you believe in their products.  Buy all of them, as how can you sell something you do not own?  You will not really understand your products unless you do own them, and here is the most important part.  Use them.  Use them to get a result, then teach the result you achieved to others.

Learn Do Teach sales and marketing online

Learn, Do, Teach



Learn more about people and what they do when they buy anything.  People will always make their buying decision the same way.  Once you understand that selling is not as scary anymore:

1) You realize that you do not want every customer to buy from you.

2) You start to focus on the kind of customers you do want.

3) You start to realize how you must think if you are going to be successful

4) You must help solve your target customers problem

These ideals are used by the wealthy people in network marketing, and any business for that matter.

5) You do not have time to deal with objections.  If they object, they are not ready yet.  They are not really in your target audience.  Wish them well.  Tell them they are welcome back at any time, to be nice.  Then, move on top people you do not have to convince.  

Your target market will get it.  They will see that your system resolves all the painful issues and they will tell you eventually that they are ready to buy from you with credit card in hand.

If not, they may need some personal development, they may have rto fail to a point of pain.  You see, you and your company represent change.  Change means pain to most people

Maybe it is as easy as facing your fear head on and seeing that that thing didn’t hurt you, but actually helped you grow as a person, and who doesn’t want to grow as an individual.  We all do.


Sometimes, we need to learn more about what that thing is that made us afraid in the first place, or that is making us afraid, then we can find a better way to face it safely.  

This is OK as long as You don’t get analysis paralysis.  I know that is easy for me to do.  I’ve done it many times before.  But not this time because I faced that fear and I followed the learn do teach principle.


Take action and know that most people make mistakes when they try something new.   It is how all people have gone from being good to Great!


Remember that making mistakes is OK as long as you learn from them.  

Perseverance and Persistence until you figure it out.  

Edison did this 1000 times until he figured out that light bulb thing.  You have greatness inside You!  

The secret is inside YOU.  

Listen to your emotions, they are the key to your most amazing moments of getting over fear.  When you feel it and if you overcome it(fear I mean) You know You will become greater!

 Embrace fear as a sign You need to grow.  Now don’t be silly and try to capture a poisonous snake or jump off a cliff without knowing how to and without having the right kind of airbag at the bottom.  I am talking about the fear of prospecting, the fear of selling your network marketing products, your affiliate products or your brick and mortar products and services. 

Here is a 12 step system you can use to combat your fear knowing you have the best presentation around.  It will sort through the many people that say they want to be successful to find the few that actually do:

Below are the 12 ways to Control Anxiety in your Network Marketing Business I promised You.


12 ways To control Your Network marketing fear

1) Capture people’s attention You can do this by talking about one of the 5-6 problems, the same problems your best customers always have2) 2) Create Rapport with your viewing audience.  One way to do this is to view the camera or blog post as if you were talking to a person. Telling stories about You having the same problem they have helps too and you can talk about how you no longer have that problem.  But, do not preach the dream and be living the nightmare.  make it real.  People can tell when you are being fake.

3) Gain credibility –Tell them why they should listen to You

4) Target one problem per piece of content, which could be an email, a blog post, an article, a video, a podcast, a forum post a comment etc. Get creative on the vehicle you choose to use to communicate the benefits your products or services have that solve their problem.

5) Give a Solution –to the problems you know they have.  This means you really need to understand who you are selling to.

6) Create expectations – Do what you say you are going to do always. 

7) Show Social Proof – Talk about people tat are just like your target audience that have used your products or services and solved their problems

8) Show the benefits of your product or service as it relates to solving your best customers problems

9) Give them an irresistible offer – make it one that is so emotionally charged that they can not refuse.  Scan through your emails from successful people.  Which ones do you feel like you have to click on.  These are the kinds of offers

10) Reverse The Risk – Believe in your product enough that if they do not want it they can have their money back.  But, put a time on this. Example in my company we have a 14 day money back guarantee.  no questions, no hassles.

11) Create real scarcity and urgency – Make you offer only available for a limited time.  Do what you say you are going to do.

12) Call to action – make sure you tell your readers or viewers what you want them to do next to get their problems solved by using your products and services


If you want to learn more about the system I use to help network marketers build their teams with less pain, affiliate marketers sell more products and any business use the leveraged power of the Internet to grow your business start by clicking here and watch this video



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