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Google Voice Reaches People 

I have a “workout partner” for my network marketing business.  He and I use this to call new members or customers for our primary business. Why not just call our own members?  It is easier to talk to someone else’s members than it is your own. There is somehow not as much pressure as if you called them yourself, in the beginning of your business.

later if you wish to call them on your own or outsource it, fine but get many hundred “under your belt” first.  You will be much more confident after you do this.  You will really know how to help people, and not take any of their excuses, yet not make them feel bad either. 

Remember, you will hear all sorts of sad stories and amazing stories of wealth and huge downlines in this process.

This helps me sort out the serious from the tire kickers and he does the same for me.  As of this posting on December 12. 2014 I have made about 1,000 contacts via phone call, texting using Google Voice, and email.  It is the combination of these three practices that allows for sales conversions and for better record keeping.  I also use the Google Docs spreadsheet to keep call or text notes with.  The sequence of how we do this goes like this:

1) I text and email the new member( someone that has spent money with my workout partner already) to set up their team profile. I put this profile on Google Docs.  That way my workout partner who has access to the same document can use it for reference while coaching them.

2) A 5 minute call with questions you’ll find in the fast start training inside Empower Network.

3) Then, I get them in a chat message with my workout partner so they can schedule a coaching call with them.  I do this while they are on the phone. I ask them to friend me in facebook right away and I will accept.

So far, we have talked with or communicated with over 400 people for my workout partner’s team.  We have both learned a lot in the process.

Remember, You are “sorting through the many to find the few” ~ Dave Wood in the Inner Circle Audios.

The good news is I have seen many sales conversions for my workout partner because of this process.  Just think what it will do for your business.

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