He Has The Right Mix of Talent and Experience To Do A Good Job For Empower Network In The Future

Hearing Jonathan’s background in Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Finance and his executive experience will be a great combination for a great leader to take Empower Network to the Next Level.

I am Glad that the Daves have decided to bring him on to fill in the areas that they say they are not good at.  The Mark of a true leader is knowing to surround yourself with people better than you in certain areas.

David Wood’s admission that he is good in 3 areas and Super in one is very humble and gives me even more reason to trust what I see.

I look forward to seeing the future of Empower Network.  They have grown so fast!  There is so much farther to grow.  The Future looks very bright for the people in Empower Network indeed.

If you’d like to be part of this future and you are not already an affiliate join as one here


Your results may vary.  You may make no money.  

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Reblogged From Episode 10 – Jonathan’s Background, Culture & Breaking The Records [part 3 of 4]

Welcome back to episode 10.

[Part 3 of 4] of the ‘short Costa Rican mastermind’ series.

In today’s video Jonathan shares his background in business and marketing, from the mortgage industry to CEO of Digital Marketer.

I’m going to keep this short, because really; these 4 videos aren’t about actionable content.

We just wanted to introduce Jonathan to you & share some stories that will inspire you to take action in your own way.

Watch the video, leave me your thoughts in the comments below and come back tomorrow for the final part.

Love ya,

– David Wood

P.S. Re-blog this, share it with your list, and leave us your comments below. I’ll see you tomorrow for part 4.


– The EN Team

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