How Brian Couch’s Monetized Blogging Facebook Group Has Impacted My Life

 I met Brian Couch late at night at a Mastermind in Miami.  He met me when I was still in my cocoon



Brian Couch’s facebook group – Monetized Blogging


Mopnetized Blogging Facebook Group


Being an admin for this group has impacted my life in the following ways:


1) It helped me realize what kinds of people use the Internet. 

I considered this part of my market research.

2) Plus, it helped me learn how to deal with the many different view points that I experienced from the many different people in the group

You see, if you are in business for yourself you must learn how you will deal with many different types of people. 

My father once said, “You can do business with people you do not like, even hate.” 

While that is true why would you want to?  That is just painful!

Learn to use marketing to attract the people that are like you, and you will have a much easier time of running your business.

We choose to do business with people that are like ourselves. 

We are not perfect and never want to be.

Why? Because if you are perfect then you are telling your team prospects that they have to be perfect too. 

Who wants that stress? Answer No one. Be yourself and you will attract people like you, people you want to be around when you arfe conducting your business.  Clients that you like helping, not just becuase they pay you money, and they will, but because you like being with them.  It makes business so much nicer.

There are a lot of fake people in network marketing, don’t be one of them.

You will run into haters in your online business. 

You will run into haters in your business
Haters are looking for something to complain about. Do not let them bait you into hating back.



So? Move on, be positive always.  If they are disruptive to the group. Block them. 

Warn them first, give them enough time to respond. 

Get the opinion of others that are admins in the group. 

But ultimately you end up blocking them and deleting their content. 

Why? to make room for people that are positive, that want to grow their business.  

Some people come to you and you can not help them. Their particular situation is unique to them and has nothing to do with you.

Do the best you can to help them in a fair amount of time, then move on,

delete and block them if they persist in disrupting the good people in the group that follow the pinned post at the top of the group.

 A melting pot of all opinions and ideas in the World.


Worldwide Map

Recently, yesterday in fact, I was reading a thread(a series of comments on a social media or blog post) 

on facebook, from Mark Zukerberg, and of all people, Sir Richard Branson. 

It was pretty cool seeing such behemoth celebrities in the World interact with each other.

(or was it their interns, outsourcers, or assistants talking for them)

They were discussing the fact that 2/3rd’s of the World does not have the Internet yet.


Just imagine how much room for growth the Internet has. 

Think about how many new opinions and ideas will be added to the Internet in the future when these new people join the “Internet discussion.”


Today, as I checked Brian Couch’s facebook group, like I often do each day, I ran into Brian Couch’s post.  I had not seen him recently so I was interested in what he was up to.  He is doing great!

He is a young man that is living his life the way he wants to. Why? because he can pure and simple.  He leads by example. That is the best way to lead.

Money is no longer an issue for him.  Imagine what that feels like.

How did he get that way?  How did he achieve his success?


He used the leveraged communication power of the Internet.

It’s a new skill anyone can learn as long as they can read and write,

and he uses it anywhere in the World that has access to the Internet.

“print money” from his home-based business

Money In A Home Based Business

He started slowly by learning from people that had the success he wanted, he got better, and got better still by taking daily, consistent action learning the skill set that is:

1) Marketing Online

2) Helping people buy from him that know, like and trust him because of his marketing style and content.


He spent a lot of time at the beginning of his business

building blogs and videos on topics that his target audience,

network marketers, his customers, wanted to read. 

Blog Posts Reach The World

But, this skill-set will work for any business.

They read his blog posts and watched his videos because he was providing value to them to help solve their problems.

That is the secret to this business, there is no secret, just marketing strategies business owners can learn

He also has inspired me to take action.  I can honestly say that I consider him one of my mentors

Why?  Because he told me what I did not want to hear.  He showed me the error in my marketing strategy.

He found something that completely eluded me for over 1 year.

I fixed it, that hole in my marketing strategy, by following what he said and I am still doing that to this day.


Check out two of the groups on facebook that he started, that I monitor for him.  Why? Because I am learning so much about people on the Internet.  I am happy to do it.


1) Monetized Blogging

2) Edification Authority CO-Op

How will this help you? 

Well, it will not unless you are a blogger or one of the kinds of business owners we help:

1) You are in business and want to learn more about sales and marketing to reach more of your customers

2) You are in a network marketing business and you use blogging to reach

your customers, building a long-term relationship with them. 

You will use paid advertising, once you reach $1,000 in earnings online.

Until then you are taking too big a chance.  People online love to take your money…buyer beware

Now I am not saying that you should not buy anything on the Internet, in fact, just the opposite.  What I am saying is do not buy the wrong stuff. You will run into a lot of junk out there in Internet land.  Use the products from people you trust.  Use the products, all of them inside Empower Network and only Empower Network.  You are probably safe buying products from people in the Empower Network community as well as they are good people.  But, only if you have seen them speak on stage.  Until that point they do not have enough experience earning a living online.

3) You are an Affiliate Marketer – that is where I started my business back in 2005 online by blogging and helping people buy affiliate products from us.  There is no greater feeling than seeing a sale in your back office or receiving a check in the mail from something you created, like an ad or a post earlier.  I will never forget my first check or my first affiliate product sale.  It feels great!  It feels like they just show up and buy!  But, in reality you did a lot of work to help them buy from your marketing and advertising efforts.  

You may use paid advertising, once you reach $1,000 in earnings online.

Until then you are taking too big a chance…buyer beware.

Believe me when I tell you,  there are people that will find you that will sell you bad clicks.

I once lost $500 on absolutely no clicks. 

The good news is I will never use that vendor again, so I know that now.

I spent a lot of money on the wrong products and services.  I ended right back where I started Empower Network.  I never left them, I was in learning mode, learning about the Internet and I should have stayed focused on only empower network products.  Which ones?  ALL IN is a saying we use to communicate the fact that we have purchased all the core products and we are mentally ALL IN this business. We will be successful no matter what, that’s it Period!  

Empower Network

Learn paid traffic from a trusted source and be willing to lose 80%  of your money testing, , measuring and tweaking your ads

4) You have a deep desire to start a business and you must succeed.

5) You live somewhere in the World that has Internet access

and you understand it takes money to make more money. 

You get that if… we can teach you how to take one dollar and turn it into two, You can then scale it up and make enough money to be free for life. IN short, you are an entrepreneur! Success is more important to you than breathing.

Your results will vary. To see average earnings updated daily click here to see our Income Disclosure

6) You understand that in business you will always have monthly marketing and advertising expenses even after you have purchased all of our training products. 

 Our Products teach you how to:

1) Drive Internet traffic to your offers

2) Convert that traffic to sales conversions

^^^^^^Above is a description of our target market^^^^^^

Where do we find them?  We do not, they find us. It happens almost every day like clockwork.  People just show up and friend us, or like and share our work, or they buy our front-end offers.  We get on the phone with them to welcome them and help them get very clear in their business.

I use a workout partner for my calls.  It is a fabulous system.  He calls my members and I call his.  We use Google Voice and email to increase our conversions.

It is amazing, and they come from everywhere in the World that has an  Internet connection. 

With the innovation at Google of Google Translator, language no longer needs to be a barrier

Two more pieces of advice that Brian Couch gave me:

1) Blog about things your target audience is searching for.  Don’t just blog about anything you like.

2) Prime your over-all marketing strategy (your pump) with paid advertisements, then eventually your blogs will bring you sales too. That is the fun part.  People read your writing, or see your videos and they show up on your email autoresponder list.  It is like magic! But people have to be able to know like and trust you first, before they try  your product or service.

Priming the pump keeps your marketing machine rolling

until it hit’s critical mass or logarithmic growth phase in your business.

Logarithmic Growth Phase In Your Business

Remember you are always building a list online. Learn to form relationships with the people you are writing for.

“But remember, in network marketing you are constantly sorting through the many people that say they want to live their dream lifestyle to find the few that must have it.   Then you teach those few how to sort through the many.  Do anything else and you will lose money in your network marketing business.”

Now you can do this the old school route and that is fine it works.  People make millions in network marketing. 

But they become hardened by:

1) Always going for The NO

2) You hear them use words like “hustle,” grinding” and “warm market.

3) They invite total strangers into their home and try to convince people to join them or worse yet, they talk their friends to invite their friends to a Home Party or presentatuion to see the plan

4) They believe in 3-Way Calls because they work. 

light-bulb moment

Yes, they do but they are an interruption to your day.  They suck for all parties involved.  Learn to work smarter, you can still work harder, you are an entrepreneur, we would never take working hard away from you.  It is in your blood.  Just learn to work smart and hard until you no longer have to worry about money ever again.

Your Results will vary. See our income disclosure here

If you say they do not really suck, you are lying to yourself.  I saw a thread like that on a famous network marketing, training site done by a celebrity network marketer.


What will you do when you have hundreds of thousands of people on your team… take thousands of calls each day?

Say NO, to people that tell you you must do three-way calls. Don’t be like them.

Then, you teach the few that must have it how to sort through the many.

Do anything else and you will lose money.

If you are one of the few that must have your dream lifestyle

and you are willing to work as long and as hard as it takes

until you do not have to ever work again, then click this link and tell me what you see in the comments

Do you see an abundant opportunity or not everyone making money?  Tell me what you see in the comments

If you saw the former, then you are one of the few it will be an honor to work with.  Click this link and join our team now

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