How Can I Make More Money Now With My Osbourne Books At Home(TM) Business?

How Can I Make More Money Now With My Osbourne Books At Home(TM) Business?

Here is an executive summary of our Hangout:

1) Have a great mindset if you are going to be in sales and marketing.
Read Gant Cardone’s The 10X Rule

2) Know who you want to be your customers
a. Demographics-age,gender,ethnicity,location,eduction-level,annual household income
b. Psychographics-What do they like, hate,love and desire, what makes them the person they are.  You want to develop a profile for your ultimate, best, customer and gear your marketing toward that person.

3) Decide how you want to reach them
a. telemarketing and blind emailing leads
if this is your choice go here:

b. Content marketing.
If this is your choice go here to learn how, or to discover the leveraged power of the Internet to get you more sales 365 days a year 24 hours a day and 7 days a Week go here:

4) Decide if you want to do this on your own or if you want to outsource this function of your business.
( We help with that too in the Costa Rica Masters Intensive course

Your results will vary.  To see average earnings updated daily go here:
Income Disclosure

I hope that you got at least one “golden nugget” of information that will help your business get to the next level .

If you resonated with what you saw up above and you’d like to use our “link juice” to get your content marketing seen by as many people in your sweet-spot target market, then click the link below and listen to David Wood tell you more.


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