How Chad Ockstadt has Changed My Business

This is my workout partner Chad Ockstadt and I in Miami at our mastermind.


Before I did not understand the market I was reaching with our marketing tactics.

I learned from calling all of Chad Ockstadt’s  new members:

1) How to use Google Voice to help increase the reach rate of our communications
2) How to use facebook to do new member coachings
3) What the 5 or 6 apparent reasons for joining an online business
4) What the 5 or 6 excuses for quitting and online business are
5) I learned that 50% of the people that sign up on my team will quit. It is just the nature of the business.


Here is the Google Doc Spreadsheet we keep team profiles on.  I call all new members of his and he calls mine.  I have talked to huge leaders who have tried to bully me in the first sentence and now, I ask simple questions and no one bullies me.  Why? because it is not about me.  Setting up the team profile is essential to help new members get clear about their business.  That is all I do as Chad’s Asst. After contacting 457 of Chad’s new members in his funnels and different products, I really understand the saying that David Wood used in the Inner circle Audios  

You are constantly sorting through the many to find the few and teaching the few to sort through the many. Do anything else and you will start to lose money.


People will reach you at the stage of their life they are at. You have to realize that you did not put them there. Keep them safe and tell people through questions what this business is really all about.

You must invest in your education and you must change as a person to become the leader that people will follow. Keep it fun, let them see when you have a good experience, so they can see it is possible for them to have a good time too.

You will run into people that will think they are the best that has ever been and people that do not have any confidence in themselves and everything in between

The best thing that I learned from this mentor Chad Ockstadt is that I can do this. I really can help people, that want the help earn a great living online. I have contacted or spoken to about 457 people that all said they were serious about earning a living from home online. Not all of them were.

I contact them as quickly as I can as soon as I see them ion Chad’s back office for IPAS2. The sooner, after they watch all 5 videos the better. I also text them and have seen a much better rate of talking to or chatting with new members online.

We have done nothing more than what we learned in the Fast Start training and in the viral blogging product and in the $15K formula I do believe hmmm must be a pretty important activity. If you would like to learn how this activity helps $25 blogging system members upgrade to ALL In at over $5,000  Let me know by joining my team here…Everyone deserves to learn how to use a workout partner in their business, whatever it is.  If you are interested and want to learn, I will be your guide beyond your awareness.

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