How Chad Ockstadt Has Inspired My Life

I was given a partial glimpse at the work ethic it takes to go from good to great


Before working with Chad Ockstadt’s as his workout partner I had no idea how to hit my outcome of $20,000/month, my first income outcome, that I have set for myself

The definition of a workout partner is someone that calls all your new members and you call all of their new members to help them get very clear about their business.  You will find the instructions sheets for how to do this in the Viral Blogging Academy and  the Fast Start Training and also the Top Producer Formula inside empower network.

I learned from Chad of at least one way to plan the strategy for using a system to:

1) Drive Traffic to a capture page using a very specific system
2) Use a strategy with that system to convert leads to sales
3) Help those people(customers) get very clear in their business.  When people get clear get out of the way because they get excited and do whatever it takes to achieve success in their business.
4) A percentage of those people will take their business seriously and treat it like a business and they will make money

Your results will vary. To see average earnings updated daily click
this link>>>>>>>

Now I have contacted for Chad, over 500 people and I have a very good idea what it takes to generate $20,000/month in my business. My future is very clear. Now all I have to do is continue building my business.  It is happening

One key to seeing a big jump in sales conversions was two fold,  in Chad’s business, from what I have been able to see from my limited vantage point:

1) The right Bridge videos are essential
2) Consistent traffic driven to your front-end offer each day will make or break your sales conversions results each day.

Here is bonus #1: Each traffic source converts differently.  Find the ones that convert the highest.  Then, form a relationship with your customers via email autoresponders and facebook chats

Here is bonus #2 Using a system definitely converts better than being on the Internet on your own

If you’d like to see the system that Chad is using contact Chad Ockstadt by clicking on his facebook link here 

Why am I sending you to Chad?

Because of bonus #3

Chad reinforced this secret with me not by telling me, but by being the example.

The bonus #3 – Living with the right mindset.

Chad believed he was wealthy long before he became wealthy. He has only just begun. Last month he cracked $20,000/month.  He believes he is a multi-millionaire and he sees it as clear as day.  He has spent a ton of time working on his business mindset with personal development tapes, audios and videos.  He became the leader he wanted to be by developing himself into that leader, and getting around other leaders and doing what they do.  He became a leader the second he decided to do just that.

If you’d like to believe in your success as much as I believe in mine now that I have done the work with over 500 people on Chad’s list, then click this link here>>>>> and tell me do you see:

1) Opportunity?

2) Or not everyone making money

If you see #1 then join my team here

If you see #2 that is OK, you are not thinking from a place of abundance yet, neither was I, when I started this  adventure in 2005.

If you see #2 then Google these two videos for yourself and your family:

1) The Secret to You..A Gift From The Secret Scrolls.
2) The Secret Riches Visualization Tool

Watch both videos for 31 days( each takes about 5 minutes) Then reach me on facebook here:

After the 31 days tell me what you learned.  I look forward to hearing what you learned from the videos up above.  We are all on this Earth together and I bvelieve we can all live in Peace if we all live a passionate life and learn how to earn a living with our passion.

Chad Ockstadt and Tom Lincoln
Chad Ockstadt and Tom Lincoln

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