How I Used State of Being to Create My Dream Life

Today I woke up in the most certain state of being in my business life ever


Be Authentic


I saw it in a dream.  I was with David Wood for the first time and we were alone,

talking about how to help improve Empower Network, a business that has a heart

for business owners, bigger than any business I have ever had the pleasure

to work with.



It was a strange dream and it involved me consulting with David

helping him grow his dream, to have the richest team in network marketing.

It was the first time, I felt as though we were equals

as two business owners working on our dreams together.


In Empower Network, I am an independent affiliate.  But, we are all one big team.

This is one of the things I like about our community of marketers from around the World


It is his company, and he has already made well over 4 million dollars as an independent affiliate.

He showed us on his new, mobile phone App, last night and today they announced multiple blogs available on the Kalatu Blogging Platform that is in alpha testing.


In my dream we were talking about my experience in the sponsorship marketing agency

which is similar to, but very different to the online, consumer-driven, network marketing/affiliate marketing world.

We discussed different ideas for growing our businesses.

I think it is because he was great building rapport last night with all the new members of his team.


In our conversation,  I realized that I believed in myself as an online, network marketer, and affiliate business owner

for the very first time at his level of success.


My whole state of being changed in an instant!


“The future becomes the past and the past becomes the future”  from the Great Gatsby.  It really is true.

It was a great feeling, I think I even cried while in the dream because I was so happy.  They were definitely tears of Joy.


Why do you think I had that dream?  I’ll tell you, because last night’s Webinar.

David Wood was demonstrating the same marketing tactic

I have used on over 530 new member calls for my Workout Partner

Chad Ockstadt.  I got the idea from David Sharpe and David Wood

David Wood and David Sharpe


about working with a Workout partner.   Chad and I met in Orlando at a Lunch and the rest

has been a great business relationship.  I got the opportunity to see Chad build his business live.

Last night I saw him give his first Webinar series.  He is really going places.  It is great to see.  I see the behind the scenes

hard work Chad does and no one deserves success as much as he does.  He makes his own success.



Last night, during the webinar,  thanks to Chad, and Josh Thurman pictured below along with my accountability partner John Newton.  Josh introduced me to Chad in Orlando at The Empower Network event.  Get to events everyone.  They change your lives.  When your life changes you grow as a person.


Josh Thurman and John Newton




Because of getting to the event in Orlando, and contacting over 532 new customers for Chad, and learning all of the hopes and

fears of  his target market, I understood what David Wood was saying, really saying, for probably the first time.

Thanks To Chad Ockstadt(pictured below) being a great marketer I was able to understand what David Wood was demonstrating.


Chad Ockstadt


He has been saying the same message for the past two years, but I finally heard it loud and clear,

because I had been experiencing the same thing David Wood

a $4 million dollar, affiliate in Empower Network, has been experiencing while making Chad’s calls.  This experience daily,

really helped me understand my target market.


My state of being changed right then and there and I became crystal clear,

and certain that I m finally going to be successful according to my terms,

in my business, that is was really possible to help people get crystal clear about their business

and get them started off on the right foot.  I can be proud of my business.


I woke up and it was not all a dream.  It was a beautiful Morning!

The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, there was the faint, smell of banana bread in the air

and all was right with my business world and because of that all was right with my personal World.  There is no better feeling for an entrepreneur.


certainty state

Prior to this night,  I was in learning mode.  I may still be in the end of my learning mode, results will tell as they always do in any business.

Being a business owner is pure.  If you are done learning, you make money. Results talk and excuses walk.


While the Internet is always changing and innovating,  you will always be learning,

but there are different phases of your growth toward success in any business:


1) Learning Phase – There is a ton to learn, do not get overwhelmed, it is easy to do.  You will look like a learner and people will try to sell you anything and everything.  It is a “Wild West” out there on the Internet.  Remember it is a big World with many different cultures and ethical norms for people.  Your ethics and morals may not be theirs.  You get to decide what you will and will not do in your business.

2) Sorting-Out Phase – Once you learn all the different ways there are to drive traffic and convert that traffic to sales, you will be able to pick which strategy or tactic you are going to focus on, and become an expert in.  This usually takes 10,000 hours of doing that thing well.  Do it in a sloppy fashion, and it will not work, you will get bad to no results, so you are wasting your time.  Don’t do that.  Focus on good work that produces income ever day.

3) Getting Results Making Sales – You will start to see more traction on your posts and ads, more engagement by the right people from the sweet spot of your target market,  and that will equal more sales

4) Monetizing – Scale up what you are doing that is working, and earn more money.

5) Teaching Others To Do The Same – thereby monetizing in exponential terms.


State of being



In my dream David invited me to go bowling with him.  Why Bowling?  Not sure, because I am not really a bowler, LOL

I then went through different images of success in my mind, and realized that my struggle in life was the reason that I am

successful now. Boom! Time shape-shifted again!


It was my state of being calling me, telling me in certain terms that I am in the right business model

for me as a business owner.  Your results will vary.  To see average earnings Click Here


It also told me,  I can transform my existing business

into a successful marketing agency as well as using what I have learned in the products, by

getting to events,  meeting and masterminding with the great people of The Empower Network community.


It is because of this and also because of working harder on our online marketing business

than I have ever worked on any business ever,

that my state of being turned from one of uncertainty and doubt, and sometimes feeling guilty,

to one of complete certainty that our products and our company provide so much value,

plus my experience in sponsorship marketing(both good and bad results) has so much value to add.

You see you learn through failure.  You learn through success too,

but you seem to learn more through failure turned to succcess


I am certain of our success as a Worldwide Team, a generational team.


“You will never stop learning, it is never gonna to end.”  Jon Mroz said that in the Inner Circle Audios.

Truer words were never spoken…I love that about this business, because I love to learn.

I wanted to stay in college forever.  I had this fantasy that I could earn every major, lol.


But, I am in business to make money and a lot of it.   Then, if I want to go back to college,  I will have the money and the time to

learn to my hearts content.


But, it is not about me, it is about You and helping you make as much money as you want and need,

and teaching your team to do the same.


Last night David Wood demonstrated what I had already learned by my version of the method he taught to over 2200 people

interested in Internet and Network marketing success.


Making errors is the best way, and really the only way, for an entrepreneur to grow exponentially.

Experience and practice helped me make lots of errors.


I would learn from each error, not beat myself up and keep moving forward.


I also had to learn how to be humble.


I had to realize that my way of calling people was not the only way.  I had to learn to listen to many mentors and I did.  Now

certainty is mine!

I had over the last year contacted or talked to over 530 new members in new member calls

or Google Voice, and facebook chat messages for my workout partner.


A workout partner is a person at the same level in their business(I am still catching up to mine)

as their partner that makes all your new member calls, so you can focus on coaching them,

in the beginning of their business to get them off to a good start.

Your Workout Partner does the same for you.  It is a brilliant system.


It takes the edge off of “sorting through the many to find the few and teaching the few to sort through the many, as David Wood

says in the Inner Circle Audios.  “Focus on anything else in network marketing and you will start to lose money.”

Sorting through the people that say they are serious, and that say they will work hard by taking massive action,  to find people

that are serious about success in their business and prove it.


I knew what David was going to say last night.

But, of course, David Wood being the Master of Rapport, made it seem effortless, and it is.  He said  it much better than I do it.

Watching him do it was a real treat.

He gave me some great pointers on how to make it seem less like an interrogation, and more like a conversation( I tend to be too

serious, I am working on it 😉


In Conclusion:

Your state of being can be the difference between your entrepreneurial success and complete failure.

Choose the success route that is best for you.

Only you will know what that is.

Always keep an open mind and be prepared to innovate.

Don’t be afraid to make errors faster, and certainty will also be your state of being.

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