How Lisa Torres Allen Inspired My Business Life

For some reason, only the Universe knows, Lisa Torres Allen, contacted me today in a Facebook message.  I am glad she did.  See her facebook contact info here

She is one of the MLM leaders I follow, and I model, the marketing tactics and strategies she uses in her business. Why? Because her success leaves clues! And she has lots of success online. I saw her speak in Washington D.C., at an event, and then again, at another event online, in a live stream. Plus, she is a great blogger!

I Understand Your Struggle

Before today, I struggled in my business for a little over two years.  I’d have successes and failures, just like the previous 22 years, in sales in my marketing agency. I was mostly a sales “gun for hire” in those days.  They call it that.  I’m not sure who “they” are, and why they call it that.  But, as a “gun for hire” I would call business owners and corporate marketers, and then sell them over the phone, or in person. Am I preaching to the choir?

Business Allows Slows Down During Recessions

During recessions, things slow down in my business.  The Great Recession was a doozy!  It nearly wiped me out.  But, I’m a survivor.  It gave me a great opportunity to take my business online and improve on, and learn new skills, tactics, and strategies.  The Great Recession started in 2008 and is still all propped up by quantitative easing from The Federal Reserve Bank.

I Have Learned a Lot Online and Offline at Events and Conferences

In my time online, during the last 6 years, I learned a lot about what other leaders have taught me,  but for some reason, today,  with Lisa, it really true, and I had a breakthrough!  You will have a series of breakthroughs in your business, followed by plateaus.  Just when you get comfortable, it is time to stretch outside your comfort zone and learn new tactics and strategies for your business, at that next level.  This is how you succeed.  You will need a strong business owner mindset during those plateaus.

Network Marketers struggle with getting the right kind of leads. I have not been focusing on that!

I even had a gentleman in network marketing offer me $25/lead. Back when I was buying traffic. That would have been highway robbery when you can learn how to generate targeted leads by blogging daily.

No Secrets Just Experience and Knowledge You Do Not Have Yet

I am an open book. I am letting go of my ego and letting Lisa use me as a case study as soon as I join her team. Tune in, to see what happens next! Why? Because I want success according to my terms more than the air that I breathe. I told her I would let her know when I have the money.  I have something to prove to myself and to the others that say I am crazy for trying to earn money online.  Crazy like a fox 😉  You can be “crazy” too, as soon as you make a decision to join us on this adventure.

My facebook profile and my fan page do not talk about the solution to that problem, yet. But, it will.  I use that page, to update our team and community that is growing daily, on new ideas, to grow their business. I have learned many ways to market and advertise your business, both paid and “less-paid,” during the many years that I have been learning how to run my online business. But the truth of the matter is, it is not easy.  There really is no such thing as “free traffic or leads.”  There are tools and resources you will always need to pay for on a monthly basis:

1) Capture Pages

2) Auto-responders


Then, whatever membership


Affiliate Fees

You may have pay

For the right to sell your company’s products.

But, the good news is anyone that wants to learn how to generate 10-30 leads a day can learn how.  You do not have to pay co-op fees unless you want to.  Perhaps, you just need to save time.  If that is the case, I can recommend two or three co-ops I trust.  Be careful on the Internet there are people that will take your $$$ and not give you the leads.  Only buy leads from reputable sources. I have definitely gotten leads and sales from these sources and I am always researching the Internet for more sources of good traffic, from buyers of online products.

Workout and Accountability Partners

Oh, and by the way, Lisa’s accountability partner is Lawrence Tam and I have learned a ton about blogging the right way from him too.  Make sure you get yourself a “workout partner” and an “accountability partner” at your next event or conference.  They help you keep you on track for your success.  One is one-on-one with you only, and the other welcomes all your new customers into your team, and helps them fill out their “team profile.”  This helps new people feel welcome and it helps them to get clear about what they want their business and life to be about.

Interesting Comment From Lisa

Lisa told me that I should be able to evaluate my niche in 30 days.  So when the clock starts we will measure that time.  I will share with you my journey with Lisa. Why am I considering working with Lisa?  Her results speak for themselves. And, because she contacted me on Facebook, and I know her as being a leader in the online world.  It was In the early days of Empower Network(now defunct) that I first “met” Lisa as I saw her on stage.  She is an awesome webinar speaker and organizer.  She’d have guests on that show that had each earned at least $5,000 online, with their marketing tactics and strategies highlighted in each episode.  I also know that she is having success with a personality type that I want to help succeed in their online businesses.

My Target Market

People between 43 and 67, both men and women.  They’ve had limited success in a brick and mortar company like I have, but they would like to reduce the time it takes to convert new prospects to customers.  Rather than Belly-to-Belly recruiting, they’d like to take their sales campaigns online.  These people are men and women that struggle in their businesses, that are in their 50’s as I am.  As I write this I am 57.  You are never too old to learn how to make your business and life easier, right?

Do You Want Better Leads?

If you want to learn how to generate leads with your company, and I do not care what business you are in, as long as you want more out of life,  click the link on this page, have a chat with me in a Facebook message, and if we like each other, you can start to learn how.  Follow me on this journey.  See what you can accomplish in an online business.
It involves MLSP. I was in this company before, but I had no idea what I was doing then.  I am no noobie now.

I Started MLSP With Rob Fore

Rob Fore was my sponsor before in MLSP, but that was a long time ago. We’ll see what happens, when and if, I join Lisa’s team in MLSP. That company has survived the test of time in the direct sales industry. Lisa Torres Allen is not Rob Fore.  But, I respect them both!

Time To Stretch Outside Your Comfort Zone

Time to stretch yourself into a new level.  It is not always easy, but it is always worth it. I have grown so much over that last two years.  Time to grow some more, and get more results, that I can test and measure. Business is all about results.  It is never right or wrong…just results.  You want to set an outcome of selling to 1-3 new members a day.
Tune into this blog for the results!  I appreciate you reading!  Chat with me on Facebook here

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