How to Find Your Passion

Your Struggles in Business are there for a reason.  You are starting something new at each level of life you start out where you start.  It doesn’t matter if you start out on Welfare or Wealthy, when you begin your adventure to the next level, get excited about your struggles because they are a sign you are growing in strength.

All great people did not start out as great people.  They became great by learning a skill and practicing that skill for at least 10,000 hours or until Mastery.  For some Mastery takes longer.  For some they give up before they achieve it.

But not for the Driven.  The driven have a very strong WHY they do what they do.

You are on your journey in business or you are about to start.  There is greatness inside you.  You need to put in enough time, typically it takes 10,000 hours but it could be longer or shorter amounts of time.

Some achieve greatness through huge struggle, but then rest at the top, thinking they can cost it out for the rest of their lives.  But, then that thing that has been plaguing the human race since the times of the Roman Empire sets in…Boredom.

You see the Romans made it their purpose in life to find pleasure.  In so doing the created their demise.  People became fat, and lazy and had no desire to do anything.  They stopped being leaders in commerce and Industry, and their entire empire crumbled.

Some people are still doing this today. They get numb and start to over drink or do drugs.  Or they seek thrills in adventure outdoors or on fancy, adult toys, anything to get over the pain of boredom.  This is when true leaders find the next big thing to achieve.  That is when they reach outside their comfort zone and start to learn new skills and make mistakes, only now the mistakes they make cost more, but that is the game of life that people have played for centuries to gain more out of life and to live as engaged individuals in society.

True leaders meet with other leaders and mastermind about what that next big thing is going to be. True leaders always want more.  You are reading this. You are a true leader.  Are you living to your true potential?

Are you ready to start your struggle all over again but achieve even greater things this time?.  Why? To master the next level.  Why? because your life will mean something again!  You will be are engaged with life!

So do not fear the struggle, embrace the struggle for it is what will make you great!

if you’d like to get to that next level.  Listen to David Wood talk about the business and join me on this adventure.  It is going to be a wild ride!

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