How to Get More Customers Into Your Yoli(TM) Business

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1) Have the right mindset as it will get you through the tough times, and there will e tough times, as you are doing what 92% of the people in this industry do not do…You will succeed. Believe it.  If you do not believe that success is your right, your duty, you obligation and your responsibility, then things will be harder for you in business.

2) You need to understand your customers better than you understand your products, both demographically and psychographically. You need to understand who your “sweet spot” customer is.  These people will be most like you.  These will be the easiest people to help buy from you.

3) Next, you need to decide what marketing strategy is the best one to choose from of the thousand’s of ways to help people buy on the Internet.  Notice I did not say sell to.  Do you like to be sold to?  I know I do not.

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4) Finally, you need to decide do you want to learn how to help people buy online by discovering the leveraged power of the Internet, or do you want to outsource this skill-set.( we can help you with both ideas in our products)

I hope that you have gained a little information that will help you build your downline and business.

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I’d like to thank Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert from the Samurai Busines Group as they are two of my mentors and some of the content above I discovered from them while working with them since 2005


We are Da Vinci Marketers/Prosperity team and we are building our team of 10,000 people from around the globe, that have all achieved freedom to do what they want, when they want, with the people they love.

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