How To Get More Customers To Your Yves Rocher(TM) Business

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If you need more customers in your Yves Rocher(TM) Business.  First let me apologize right up front if I mispronounced the name of your business.  I know that you have been established for 50 years and that is certainly a feat to be admired and respected in the Network Marketing industry.  I love that fact that your products are environmentally friendly.


This post is not meant to do anything  but help you find ways to get more customers into your business. Because that is what we do.  We help people get more customers into their business whatever they are selling as long as it’s not illegal, rated XXX and  compliance deems it “family friendly”

The first thing that you need to do is understand whom do you want to reach.  Who would be your ideal customer?  

1) Are they male of female?

2) How old are they?

3) What ethnicity or culture are they a part of?

4) How much money does their family household, make in a year or AHHI( annual household income)

5) What part of the World do they live in? Do time zones matter?

6) what kind of education do they have?

7) What keeps them up late at night? What to they want?  What do they love, like and hate?  What goes on in the mind of the customer that you’d most like to sell to?

Next, you need to decide how you will reach them with your product’s messages, that are crafted to them as you now understand who you really want to reach.

Will you call 25,50 or 150 “leads” on the phone, or go for 20 NO’s, and get on three-way calls, hold hotel meetings,home parties, with or without your up-line, or will write articles, shoot videos, or record audios that brand you as an expert in the area of your products that sell for you 24/7?  

Once you know who you want to sell to and what strategy you will use

Then, you need to use your skillsets or learn new ones or outsource the solution.

The nice thing about our system is that you can discover how to use the leveraged power of the Internet by watching a video and doing what it says, and watching another video and doing what it says, listening to 6, 7 and 8 figure earners tell you how and what they did to become that successful, do what they say, getting your results, tweaking what you did to get them, and then when you get the results you want, scaling it up!  

Next comes the reaping phase.  In the last two years we have seen 10 people get their million-dollar earner rings and our stages are always overflowing with people that have made at least $5,000 in their business.

Your results will vary go her to see average earnings updated daily

In our system that you can use to reach people that want to buy your products your journey will include:

Mindset training, marketing techniques and leadership you can use to build teams that are duplicating your results.

That is my vision for you if you have a Yves Rocher(TM) business and you want more customers.

or you can go back to calling your warm market, friends and family and people they know, until you eventually are not invited back to parties or holiday functions and you absolutely hate being on the phone. I understand your pain.  I hae been in more than one company that used that strategy.

 If you like being on the phone, I found Millions of leads for you here.  I am not an affiliate for this lead company, but some people just love being an interruption to people’s day, and have gotten numb to calling people.  I am here for you too.

Either way, I hope that something you saw today helped you get more customers in your Yves Rocher(TM) Business any other business you are in.

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Your results will vary.

To see average earnings updated daily go here


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