How To Get More Customers To Your Zija International(TM) Business

Get More Customers To Your Zija International(TM) Business Now!

In this video we did as a Google Hangout we discussed basic marketing concepts and strategies for people that want more Jija International customers. 

The first thing we discussed was the three main areas of marketing for any business

1) You need to understand who your market is, both in terms of demographics and psychographics

2) Next, once you understand who you want to reach, you need to decide what marketing strategies you want to use to capture their awareness of your product to get them into your marketing funnel.  Will it be paid or unpaid?  How much money will you spend.  What unpaid strategy works the fastest or the best?

3) Finally, who do you have to do the implementation of the marketing once you decide what to do.  Do you have the ability to do it yourself or will you outsource it.  How much should you spend and with whom should you spend it?

Next we talked a little bit about a lead source and a content marketing strategy using Blogger Bloggs or WordPress blogs( Oh I forgot in the video to mention that you should check the community guidelines and terms of use in WordPress because I believe, if I am not mistaken, they do not like you selling things from a WordPress blog, but check with them) or a simple and easy to use viral blogging system like the blog system you are reading this post from, namely, Empower Network.

Start your journey and adventure getting more customers To Your Zija International(TM) Business quickly by making a decision you do not want to call millions of leads.

If you like what you saw in this video and you want to learn more, listen to David Wood founder talk about the business a little more in this 10 minute video by clicking the link:



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I hope that we have helped you see how you can get more customers for your affiliate marketing, network marketing, direct sales, or other business by learning who you really want to be a customer, deciding on the marketing strategies you want to use to reach them once you understand them and decide who is going to do the actual marketing implementation or if you are going to find an outsourcer, that you are very successful in your business, and that you are able to do what you want, when you want with the people you love.


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