How To Market Yourself and Market Your Blog Daily

It is vital that you blog daily and that you market that great blog post you just wrote. Your blog has calls to action in it, Right? If not, put them in it. There should be at least three places people can join your list or buy your products. But lead with value, whether or not


Market Yourself By Marketing Your Blog Daily

It is vital that you blog daily and that you market that great blog post you just wrote.  Your blog has calls to action in it, Right?  If not, put them in it.  There should be at least three places people can join your list or buy your products.   But lead with value, whether or not they buy your products or services.

Lead with valuable information that really helps them solve their problems online.  This is how people will see your business opportunity, learn to know, like and trust you, and then try your trial offers, and if they like the experience, then they buy what you are helping them buy.

But as I said before, as this is super important, first they must know like and trust you before they will ever buy anything from you.


Bloggers Around The World


What Problems Do Your Customers Have?

1) They do not know what they are doing. and they are frustrated because the truth of the matter is they need this business to start making them money rather than paying for autoship each month or their family is going to get very upset

2) They are not getting any new leads and the lead as they do have do not respond to your messages

3) Their marketing is drawing in the wrong type of prospects.  These are people that think this is magic, or will happen overnight, and that want something for nothing.  Or worse yet, they think they are entitled to things for nothing.

Remember You Are Selling Hope

There are real people behind every lead you get on your list.  Never forget that.  Treat them with respect. Protect them as you would a good friend.  You will find they have troubles in the beginning that you had nothing to do with. Listen, understand, but let them feel the pain they are in as pain if it is strong enough will help them decide to buy your solution to their problems.  You are in a position of great responsibility to do no harm and always try to help people through this process whether they buy from you or not.




word Hope sign


You Are Selling A Chance At a Better Life


You are selling a chance at a better life for them and their family when you market your blog. If they do whatever it takes legally and ethically, to produce the results they need to succeed, they will begin to be successful in their lives and relationships too.

They will remember you were their initial guide in their adventure online and they will buy from you for their lifetime.

You are selling valuable products when you market your blog daily as well.  You’re in business to sell things. Otherwise you do not have a business, right?

Marketing your blog posts daily will help you achieve the success you seek.  It will take as long as it takes for you to start attracting the right kind of customer.

The Right Kind of Customer

1) They already know what you sell because you have started a relationship with them of some type

2) They want what you sell

3) They click on your links and happily buy everything you sell

4) They hang on your every word and do whatever you tell them to do

5) They buy from you repeatedly for the rest of your life.

6) They have done it the hard way in the past and they are ready to change the way they attract customers.

7) They are driven to succeed no matter what as they have already started their personal development adventure


People Stay Because of The People In Our Community


People start for the money but they stay for the leadership development and personal communication skills they gain in the process of making money online with you as their guide.

We have without a doubt the coolest bunch of marketers online and offline in our industry and we only get together every quarter.  Every 90 days you get a chance to refresh and set new outcomes for your business.


These products will help them learn the skills that they need to achieve their goals on the Internet.  The products will also help them become better leaders to help others.  This community inside Empower Network will help them do that as well.  I have never seen so many people trying to lift you up.  It is why I get excited, and if I get too excited feel free to tell me.  It happens when you find your life’s passion.  They say you will never work another day in your life when you find your passion and they are so right!


The Meat of This Post


Below you will find a small list of what you can do to produce blog posts and what you can do to market them as well.  These are just some of the ideas.  There are literally hundreds and thousands( maybe I exaggerate a little) of ways to market on the Internet.   No, I guess thousands of ways to market is more like it.  This can actually be looked at as an addition to the SEO Help blog post I did recently. Plus the Internet is always changing, and new strategies and tactics for marketing and advertising pop up all the time. Always test, measure, tweak and scale up your marketing.


If You Are Not Allowed To Advertise Learn To Bridge Market


If you are not allowed to advertise your company, then market and advertise yourself as the expert that you are, and then bridge market the gap to your products once you meet them online, and you will.  You will meet so many people.  Most of them are not serious.  But some of them are.  It is those people you can help. Always lead with value in your marketing funnel.  You will receive financial compensation based on the amount of value you provide the marketplace.


One Process For Marketing Your Blog Posts and Yourself


1.  Go to to see if You can find a popular, multi-million viewed, video to post.

2. Write about that video or maybe find another one, sometimes 3 videos I use in the same post that are about this topic. Always credit the source and link back to it.  If it’s YouTube and someone else, credit them both and link back to them.

Be careful with as I have had three YouTube channels in trouble at varying levels using this method.  You need to be careful of copyright infringement, even if you put their link in the post.  It only takes one person to flag your channel and it will be shut down.  Even if you did nothing wrong. is too big to monitor their own complaints from people, so their algorithms do it and shut you down when they are triggered.

The only recourse you have is to  write an email to YouTube, and a person will review your situation.  I did get one of my channels back, but not the channel that had 350 of my own videos.  So be careful.  YouTube if used properly is a great marketing tool and I have been on the front page of Google many times because of the way I was posting my content videos.

If you are really serious about video use our media hosting or buy your own server once you learn how to host videos on a server.  You can also use other people’s video hosting websites.  Video is a great component in your final blog post. people relate better to video.  It gets more exposure for you and your business if your blog posts have videos.

When you do decide to use video, knowing the risks, it is a good idea to get Camtasia video editing software(it is just easier to use than some of the others on the market just my opinion)  Also, make sure you have the right kind of storage, as I have filled up full computers by doing so many videos.  I transferred them to a hard disk, but in doing so the format changed so I need to fix that.

Ok, I could go on and on about how cool video marketing is.  We’ll save that for later.

3. Put three calls to action in each post if possible.  It is better to put one in at the end now that I have read all of David Wood’s old blog posts.

4. Put categories in each post.  This is extremely valuable as categories in your blog post in 2015 can end up on the front page of Google.  If you have a pop up on that page you have a chance at gaining a lead or new customer

5. Put tags in each post(this one is very important as tags sometimes get ranked on page 1 of Google) next to my actual post. Use tags that are keywords you are writing for. make this second or 3rd most important in your writing strategy.  It is always best to write about the  topic of the keyword and write to help your reader solve their problems.

6. Make sure that part of your daily procedure you follow when you market your blog daily, is to adjust the settings in your blogging platform to allow pings and comments. Make sure the windows are checked for both.  Sometimes for guest bloggers I make the post sticky, so it is the first thing they see if they land on my blog site.  But, I have found that if you blog for another blogger on the same domain you will actually be drawing links to yourself.  Our cookies are so powerful that the guest blogger will not have their links work on your blog.

Guest blogging is a great way to get traffic to your blog post when you guest blog for bloggers outside of Empower Network.  I do not think it is a good idea that two people in Empower Network blog for each other as the links stick to the blog being blogged for.

7. Social bookmark each post as much as You can too. And get your post into as many authority sites as possible.  Go to and look at the top sites to form relationships with.  Start by joining their site.  If you can make a value based blog comment.  Always give value first.  Some sites will not allow this, some will.

8.  I ping each post I write every three days(their rules at and you can also get a paid account, see their website for more about that)

I use and for about 30 views of each post.  I also have a list that Dr. Steve Sheiner and Sheena Yap Chan shared with me.  Ask me for that link.

9.  I plurk each post(  This is a great site that allows 140 characters.  It is a fun site to use as it has many badges and levels you can use to gauge how you are doing in their social community.

10.  I Badass Button(not sure if it works any more) The Internet is always changing as people move on to other projects.  There are other link shorteners, tied to authority sites that also rank on the first page of Google.  Google has one,, Buffer and Prosperity Teams link shortener,  too.  I have also used other teams link shorteners as I have collaborated with people around the globe that were on different teams in Google Hangouts.

For Full Income Disclosure about this business please click the picture to see average earnings.  But you’re not average, right?



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12.  I Tweet each of my own posts once only.  If you do not like your post who will?

13.  I used to G+ each post but I think a combination of G+ and Buffering made too many duplicate posts so I got a warning letter from G+ to slow down.  So I did.

14.  I joined a social syndication group on Facebook, where we each agree to like, comment and share each other’s posts. Comments are important for “link juice.”

The other people in this group are all over the world.  I met them by asking someone I felt I had the same core values with, to be a guest blogger.  I got that from the idea of giving first(from The Samurai Business Group, one of my mentors) and the 15K Formula lesson from Chris Record on Guest Blogging( You get this when you go ALL IN in your business ask me how)  Know those are bonuses when you get “ALL IN” Empower Network






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I also joined 1900+ groups on Facebook and socially syndicate each post to 4 on Mondays to advertise the Empower Hour Call at 9 p.m. EST each Monday.  At 4 group postings facebook starts to send warnings.  I have heard of ways to send 40 in a day.  But I would do not do that many, right now, so you do not end up in facebook jail and have your account shut down.  It is no fun being in facebook jail.  Remember facebook is a social media platform. Be social. make relationships.  Be a real person.  The people that learn to know like and trust you will buy from you.  Patience on facebook is Key.  You can also use our tactics for facebook PPC and facebook pages.

You can also start buying Twitter, and facebook promotions of your posts.  Be careful to keep a handle on these as they can get expensive fast.  Start small, test, measure the results of your test and then when you start getting the results you want you can scale it up.

That is marketing. Test, measure the results as you start out small, tweak, test, tweak until you find what works for you.  Don’t worry about what anyone is doing unless they are a top earner.

But then you will need to make a business decision as to whether or not you think their method will still work for you.  What works for one marketer will not necessarily work for You.  Truthfully when you look at the top earners use it as a way of generating your own ideas and methods. Chances are that by the time they get to be million dollar earners their method may or may not work.  The Internet changes all the time.  It may work, but start small with your budget for advertising.  David Wood recommends:

” do not start using paid advertising until you have made at least $1000 online first.”

15. My Google Analytics graphs are my compass and you should use it too, when you market your blog, thereby marketing yourself daily.  People do not join your business opportunity.  They join you.

You do not want to grow your blog traffic to huge levels overnight as that is a red flag to Google.  You want to gradually, grow your traffic to your blog posts over time. You also want to be able to lock in your posts on the first page of the search engines.    Use Google Analytics to see which posts are working to get you more readers who engage and eventually a percentage of them will buy from you.

Then I got the Google Slap, which is when Google stops showing your posts to the first page of Google because of an algorithm change, or a host of other reasons, at about 300,000 global ranking, at   All of the sudden my traffic numbers went flat line.


So, I Started Over


Now I am 4 Million in the World and 886,000 in US.  The Goal you are shooting for is 100,000 ranking.  When you reach that level or better you have a website or blog that is capable of selling traffic to other marketers.  This is while I am re-writing 653 blog posts(about 15 of those are first time posts I just did keyword research to get the title)

One thing you want to be careful of that I have found, is that tags and categories get search engine rankings.  If you delete them that give your blog a red flag in terms of search engine optimization.

 Marketing is nothing more than trying things out, getting results, tweaking those results until you get the desired outcome.  If something doesn’t really get you great results, after trying it consistently for one to two weeks or more, depending upon your tolerance for pain and budget, then move on to something else to drive traffic.   Some people say that if your strategy or method does not produce results after 1 month change it.  Good advice.

When you market your blog daily you will start to form a routine of test, measure, test, measure, tweak until you find your source of traffic and then you harvest, teach others to do the same.

Learn, Do, Blog About It, or Do A Video talking about it, and possibly doing a screen share video.


If you’d like to see what my business is click this link here, watch the video, and fill in the form so you have all the rights to use the products that teach you more about running a business using advertising and marketing tactics and strategies.



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