Motivation Words of Encouragement Not Needed To Sell Your Products





 Motivation Words of Encouragement Not Needed To Sell Your Products

 “Failure Will Never Overtake Me If My Determination Is Strong Enough” – Og Mandino

Og Mandino is one of the greatest motivational writers for sales people.  

He wrote one of the great books on selling  The Greatest Salesman In The World

            “Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.” – Og Mandino

But the truth of the matter is you do not need to motivate people to sell anything.  You see the best salesmen or saleswomen in the World do not sell you anything and they certainly do not motivate you.  They help you buy what they sell, plain and simple.  You see people hate to be sold, but they love to buy, Right?

Think about yourself.  What do you say to the retail salesperson that comes up to you right away and asks, “Can I help you?” “No, I’m just looking.”  That is what most people say.

But, if that sales person instead helped you figure out what you wanted to buy, you would be more open to listening.  They would have a better opportunity to help you buy their products.  

People have to motivate themselves to buy.  The person helping the other person buy, joins them on the journey inside their own mind.  It sounds something tlike this:

1) What is this is all about?

2) What other alternatives are there for me?

3) Can I afford what this person is helping me buy?

4) Will it help me solve my problem?

5) Logistically, can this fit into my lifestyle?

6) What will others think if I buy it?

7) Did this product actually work?

The Sale Is Not Over Once The Customers Pays


Many times the novice, sales, professional will forget that the sale is not over once the person pays.  

They immediately call the next prospect, while the person who became a customer, is still trying to figure out if your product will work for them.  

This is why 94% of the goods and services sold are sold by only 4% of the sales professionals. The rest of the sales people make it to the first quarter in their job and are let go(fired) so the next batch of new sales people can try to become the 4%  legends.

The biggest mistake that sales professionals make is they make it about their own thoughts of motivation and forget it must come from within the person buying.  

All you can do as the sales professional, is ask questions that help the prospect decide if they really want to buy what you have, as quickly as possible(sales is always about numbers) to allow the prospect to truly decide if this is the right decision for them.  

I learned alot of this and what you read later from my complex sales mentors Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert of The Samurai Business Group.  They are one of many of my mentors in my life and my business.  They turn superstar salespeople into legends.  You can find their website here

 How To Motivate Yourself

Motivation Words of Encouragement Not Needed To Sell Your Products


To motivate yourself ask yourself this question:

“When I succeed at the level that I want in my business, what will I have that I do not already have in my life?”



It is this answer(Your WHY you are in business) that will motivate You in the hard times:

  • in the times the Internet goes down
  • in the times that something in your business does not work the way you planned
  • and most importantly when you are stuck at the same results level in your business you were before.


There is nothing worse than feeling stuck.  Your WHY you are in business, the answer to the question you ask yourself noted above is what will get you unstuck.

 How You Motivate Others

How To Motivate Others


The simple answer is you can not motivate others.  


Sure you can get them excited with quotes or they can learn what kind of a person you are and your philosophies in life by using motivational quotes, but in the end, people must motivate themselves internally.


There is a complex conversation going on inside the mind of a prospect you are talking to.  You want to be part of that conversation as much as possible.  You want to see if you truly can help the person that is considering buying your product

(we’ll call a service a product from now on in this post for simplicity)


How To Motivate People To Change

To change, a person has to have a compelling reason, that is greater than the pain of change.  


The parts of this compelling reason inside your prospects mind may sound like:


1) “How much money do I have to spend on your product?”

2) “How much money do I want to spend?”

3) “How much money do I need to spend to fix my problem?”

4) “How much time will I be able to devote to using your product?”

5) “What do I think in total, I will spend? Will there be upsells and hidden costs I have to plan for?”

6) “What kind of process will I use to use your product?”

7) “What will My advertising and marketing budget look like, if one is needed, to run My business, if the product you sell is a business?”


Ultimately the most important question they will have to answer is:


“What will I have, that I do not already have in my life, when I buy this product and use it successfully?”  


This is when they decide if your product is right for them.


You Or Your Competition


You want to be there while these conversations are going on in your customers head.  

If you are not, your competition is.


Never make the mistake in believing that you have no competition.  


People will talk


There is always competition of some sort you will have to deal with.  It could look like a client or a vendor or a sponsor.   You never know where your competition will pop up, but you can negate them by being in your prospects mind instead of them.


They studied this at the London School of Business.  There are different roles to the person’s personality that are having this internal conversation in their mind:

1) The Parent – either critical (COMPLAINING OR ARGUING)  or nurturing

2) The Adult – logical ideas

3) The Child – emotions are strong here.  They are either adaptive or rebellious



The sales person needs to be in a nurturing parent role

The buyer needs to be the adaptive child



People decide and buy emotionally


1) The child role in You asks the parent role in your mind if they can have your product.  

2) The parent asks the adult role in You if that thing will be a good buy and will work to solve your problem 

3) The adult  in You says, “Yes.”

4) Then the parent tells the child  it is OK to have the product you are selling.  

5) Then the adult in You them makes a decision to buy the product that they believe will help them solve their problem.


See why most sales do not happen, especially in a complex sales situation?


The sales professional that does not know the above has a tougher time helping people buy, because they are too focused on what’s in it for me, rather than what ‘s in it for them.


Ever wonder why you can not sell anything?  I know I did. until I got mentors.  These were mentors that knew how to train people in sales and marketing for any business  That is why I have hired many mentors in my career and life.  Sales and marketing can be tough, but you can learn the both.  Sales people and marketers make a lot of money.  Sometimes way more than doctors do with so much less hassle and stress.


I thought I wanted to be a doctor once but they:

1) Can never go on vacation for fear of being sued for abandonment of their patients

2) People sue them all the time, costing them a minimum of $5,000 legal fees even when they are innocent of any wrong doing

3) They have to pay $250,000 per year in mal practice insurance

In short their life is not what I want for myself.

I would rather learn how to do what I want when I want, with whom I want.  You can too once you learn how to market to attract people and then sell to people you attract.


You can become part of the 4% if you want it bad enough if your WHY is strong enough.  They say your WHY can make you cry.  But do that with people you care about and not your clients.  It is Ok if they cry and they sometimes do or they pound their fists on the table when you really uncover their compelling reasons.



Example: Imagine these conversations are going on with 12 members of The Board.  You are the sales person:

1) You must know what the most compelling reasons are of each person on the board.

2) You must know who the decision maker really is.

3) And You must help all these people have the above conversation in their minds eye.


Oh, and You must not fall into the trap of listening to your own thoughts of the roles of your mind:

1) Your ParentCritical or Nurturing (You always want nurturing)

2) Adult – logical or neutral

3) Child Adaptive or rebellious


What goes on in the mind of the sales person is of very little value to closing the sale and having the chance of creating a lifetime customer.


Then, you need to be aware that there is always buyers remorse and “The Drive By Shooting”  that can happen in any sale.  This usually involves the spouse or the professional advisor, of the buyer, being told they were silly to buy from you.  You must learn to coach your decision maker on how to handle these 3rd party people.  Many times, the sale is shot down, and the sales person does not even know why.

How To Motivate People To Take Action



People motivate themselves.  You can influence them, but ultimately:


They Must Have A WHY That Motivates Them To Take Action Now and Buy Your Product.  


When all of the above conversations have happened, and you have allowed them to look at other alternatives to your product, and they still come back to You and want your product, you have a better chance of making a lifetime customer that will buy from you again, and again.  


Remember the lifetime value of the customer is where successful businesses make the majority of their income.


Once this happens, people will be motivated on their own, and the compelling reason will be greater, much greater, now than the pain of change, and you will form a trusting relationship with your customer.  

Now, be sure you do not betray this trust.  

Trust can take a long time to win and a second to lose.  I am not sure who said that, but I think it was Stephen Covey and  his book The Speed of Trust


Under-promise and over-deliver on your product, helping them solve their problem.  Your customer will be evaluating you and your product until they see their problem solved.


The same goes for motivating people to take action in any situation.  The decision model above, as complex as it sounds, happens almost simultaneously in the mind of the person you are talking to, writing to, shooting a video for, or the person that you are performing the service for, and also the person you are marketing or advertising to.

We as humans are remarkable creatures with the ability to process all this information at once.

If you still need to motivate people watch this video.  It has some suggestions that may help you.


I’d like to Thank YouTube and RSA Animate For This great video about motivating People.


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