How To Set Goals in Your Network Marketing Business


To Our Future Team

This Blog is not written for anyone else, but you, my team, and myself, to help me get crystal clear on how
I need to help you get your vision clear too.

It is after the first session of the first Denver event if you are reading this post after the event, and it is 3:09 a.m.  This is the only thing I want to be doing now.  It is that important.

In The 15K Formula( you get that when you get The Top Producer Formula as a bonus.

The first lesson is with David Wood, and he talks about getting clear. I did that exercise and set the goal I have had since 2008, to be making $20,000/month.

I hit a $15,000 deal for a sponsorship deal, outside this business, working with my mentor, and I got close to $20,000 in revenue, but I have not hit it yet.

So I will have to get clear if I am going to hit my goals,  and so will you, about your goals for your life.

Your goals are not my goals. Below

I will share with you the clarity of my goals:

It is late at night, and my girlfriend is in the next room sleeping.

I hear the water gurgling in the heater system.

The cats Emma, and Andy are rough-housing, as they do every night.

I am at my couch/office with my laptop computer on the black table

that has the velvet at the bottom that sits on my knees, working on my computer as I always do each night.

Bea, the cat you see in this picture is next to me in her nightly sleeping position.


My Office Empower Network

I get an email notification from Empower Network

” You have just earned $20,000 in Empower Network.”

I am elated because I have finally done something in my life that is successful!

( That was a major breakthrough I got at this event)

The feeling I have is one of pride and relief as it has been a long grind to get to $20,000 per month but I am there now.  That is my vision for myself.

Get the idea how you must craft your own vision for yourself?

1) What do you want your family relationships to look like, sound like, feel like?

2) What do you want to do to earn your money to pay your bills to the point where you have 5X’s the money you needed at the end of the month?

3) What do you want to do for recreation?

4) How much income do you want in your business each month?

Get that clear about your goals.

You may want material rewards like cars, jewelry or diamonds

You may want to help others in the World with a little bit of your money to each person

You may want to get on stage and inspire others

You may have an invention or a product or service idea that you will monetize

You may want to travel the World.

Success is the progressive realization of a dream or set of dreams.

Start dreaming so big that you have no idea how to get there.

Then all you have to do is break that task into smaller tasks

and figure out how to do each one.

What does success look like to you?

success lifestyle


So get crystal clear about your outcomes.  The only people that do not become successful are the ones that quit or die while trying.

How much time do you have left on this planet, this physical plane?


Clarity Happens at Each Level


Clarity starts out where it starts. Each person is different. 

Some people have been in the network marketing industry and they just want to get better at it. 
These people still need to set an exact amount.  You may be thinking of an amount that you want to reach as your outcome when you join us and start your business.

Some people are brand new and they need to get clear about what 5X’s your Bills would equal in cash.  In a business you will have business expenses.  The good thing is that unlike an employee, you get to deduct many of your business expenses.  This means you get to deduct that wonderful, luxury hotel you stayed in, and the luxury, first class, seat you took to get to fly to an event. 

You get to deduct anywhere you travel to(the expenses) when you are producing videos about your business. Does this give you an idea how fun and cool this business can be?

Or, you can keep paying taxes at a 40% rate in one form or the other.  Now I am not saying not to pay your fair share.  I am saying to make sure your accountant deducts every dime you are entitled to by law.  You are a business owner and you are entitled to these provisions by the law.  Conduct your business so that you can take advantage of the tax laws.

Whatever level you starting out at, get crystal clear about what you will have in your life when you reach that level, that outcome for your business.

This why you are in business needs to be very strong and moving toward something and not away from what you do not want.  It needs to be so strong that when the going gets tough(and it will) you will keep coming back, keep coming back.  Persistence will out shine your lack of knowledge.  When your why is strong enough you will figure it out. That’s it, Period!


So here is how I started back in 2013

“I go into the room that she is sleeping in( the normal sounds are at full force …we will not go into here) and I lean in and wake her up gently by giving her a kiss on the cheek. “I just earned $20,000 in one month.  I hit my goal all thanks to you! “We can now go on that trip to the Pacific and go Scuba diving, and I am paying for everything.” And I now know exactly how I am going to buy you your 50 acre horse breeding farm next to the Ocean, and yes you get your blue oyster pearl counter tops and you pure white Living Room.

I get the Green house and the Lilly Pond and of course my wrestling and martial arts workout room.

It will have a council room in it where we will have our council of 52 meetings once a year.  It is from these meetings that we will build together an organization of 100,000 people that we have helped to become free.

My vision is now clearer than it has ever been.

First You Have to Hit Your First Outcome and Then Scale Up

To get $20,000 divided by $25 dollars that is 800 people I need to sponsor into the basic membership,  at 2 a day, as I, and you should be aiming to get, and getting two a day. That’s 400 days …NO that will not work.  That is over 13 months I will miss my deadline again if I do it that way.  Next!

For $20,000 at $125, the Basic and Inner Circle levels, that is 160 people I will need to sponsor and lead in this business. 160/2 A Day( Get 2 a day in your business) 80 /30 days in a month,  OK,  that is still 3 months, so I will need to do another calculation

For $20,000 at $625, Basic, Inner Circle and Costa Rica Masters Intensive 32.    OK This is a doable approach.   So get 32 people sponsored into Empower Network at the Costa Rica Masters Intensive Level,  getting two of these level sponsorships a day.

For $20,ooo at the $15K Formula Level which is $1625, 12 people sponsored in at that levels Also doable approach to hit goal

For $20,000 at the $4625 income level all in would be 5 people

Of course now with IPAS and Empower Network one and with our Uniline™ compensation system all bets are off as to how fast this could happen.  Your results may just blow your mind as this new system is the farrari of marketing funnels.  This is the best time to get started.  This is the best time in the history of the company to get super serious.  Take Massive Action!

Income Disclosure


Of course you can set your goals any level you want and please be aware this is only my grinding goal.

My ultimate life goal is to get 100,000 of my team members to $10,000/month.  Once they each get past grinder stage of $10,000 per month then they will know what to do next.  That is when we get to work together
and build the organization I mentioned above.

That outcome got clearer too.  I will help 100,000 people find their version of freedom by March 27, 2027 or better.

How? each new action you take, you measure the results.  When you get the results you want in your test you scale it up as quickly and as large as your budget(That you set) will allow

I need to do what I do best which is sell.  You can learn to help people buy from you.  You never have to sell anything ever again.
Once you figure that out like you may be figuring out now, you start to feel like everything you have worked so hard for all your life will come true…it is happening now!

You Sell Products in Your Business

Selling a $97 per month blogging product – a $3,000 one time fee sales training and copywriting course on steroids  that creates first page Google page rank within 90 days is easily worth that.  Your results may vary.


My Name is Tom Lincoln…If you are on my list, email me at  or Skype me at #219-230-9875

You can also call me if an only if you have decided to join our team.  Text me first so I know who it is.  I never need to answer my phone and I will show you how to do this too when you join us.

I will check my messages periodically. I will be happy to answer any questions.

If you are really serious let me know that in a facebook message chat.  Of course first you will need to friend me here:
We will have a quick conversation in which the two of us will figure out together if this is a good fit for you.

I will ask questions of you and you of course will ask questions of me, and I will answer those.

No pressure, no bulls*&^%.

This business is not for everyone, only those that seriously want to have an online business
and are willing to work hard doing whatever it takes,
and never giving up, will have a chance to make it in this business.

I am not promising anything, and I am only looking for people that get what I was trying to get at in this blog post.

You can do this. Be smart about it, help people help themselves. Be that kind of a leader.

“Feed a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man or woman to fish and they eat for life.”

Help them figure that out, and they will be able to create an income online, that they can be proud of each and every time they decide to earn more money.
These skills you can learn will be transferable to almost any business.

I am very clear what I have to do…Whatever it takes. I have to take massive action…I thought I was clear before, but I was just getting started.  My clarity gets clearer and clearer with each new result.

So are you.  

By the way…If my math doesn’t make sense stop thinking so much, and go get two people a day…two people a day at the $25 level.  Do that consistently and you will have learned to “fish for the rest of your life.”

I am crystal clear about something else too in my life,

but I can’t tell you the whole story now, that will ruin my story for later on, but it involves a very special place and a very special person in my life.  But that is for another time 😉  She doesn’t think it will happen.
I know it is happening.

If you are certain you want to grow your business with us click this link and follow directions and I’ll see you on the inside

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