I Have Eight Free Miami Events Tickets For My Team Affiliates First Come First Served

One of those tickets is mine 8 are for my team members that contact me. You must be a paid member and an a paid affiliate of Empower Network to attend.  You get yourself there and back and take care of your own lodging and accommodations expenses.

Meet me as a paid, basic member and an affiliate and I will pay for your Miami Empower Network Event tickets.  Contact me, I will verify you are n my team, and I will make arrangements to meet you at the registration table in Miami January 24th and I will pay for your event ticket.  This will get you into the Empower Network Event, that people have to sign an NDA to get into, 

Why do you have to sign an NDA? Because you will be learning form millionaires some of their secrets to success.  

Why am I doing this?  Because events are that important. They will change your life.  When your life changes your business grows.  When your business grows you and I make more money.

It is simple really 🙂

Meet me in Miami for the Empower Network Event January 24th – 26th

This is on a first come first served basis.  You need to handle roundtrip transportation and accommodations and food on your own.  This is a business trip.  Your business trip.

But, if you get in as a basic member,  affiliate  I will pay for your first event.  You will not want to miss that.

I am here to help.  

1) Click the yellow button above and watch the video.  

2) Then sign up for $25/month and become an affiliate for an additional $19.95/month and then

3) contact me, and tell me you will meet me in Miami, and I will pay for your event ticket valued at $147

Above is my back office photo of the tickets for you just waiting to be printed out for you while supplies last.

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