If Keyboards Could Talk


If My Keyboard Could Talk About My First Two Solid Years Online It Would Laugh!

Now in 2015 I am two years older and a ton wiser.  They say in a recession business owners should make their company stronger.  I did that by learning how to leverage the power of the Internet.  You can too.  I wrote this huge post and just delted it.  Why?

Because today clarity of who my target market is became crystal clear.  Here it is:

Network marketers in any company

Affiliate marketers in any company

Business owners in any company, especially consultants, because that is the World I come from, the World of agency marketing, working in sponsorship deals.

This world is completely different in almost every aspect.  But boy, am I glad Mack helped me find this World.  It has saved my business and my life.

So what can you do with Empower Network products and still stay in your current company and not be bothered?  Just use the products to learn how to make building your business easier.  That’s it.  I do not want you to quit what you are doing.  Stay there. But, you are welcome to use these training tools to grow your business and make more money because of it.


If you’d like to be a Top Producer in your company use the Top Producer Formula as a training tool for your team.  

“You can really help them.”  My keyboard would say

Yes, keyboard, I finally Can…I finally Can 😀


Don’t do what I did.  You do not need to struggle online. Get the Top Producer Formula as a customer.  Use it to build your team.



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