Innovation in Your Global Multi-level Marketing Company

 Innovation in Your Multi-level Marketing Company

Regardless of the multilevel marketing company you are in you can learn how to use digital marketing to brand yourself.  People do not buy your products from you because the products are great.  There was a study done by Chally Worldwide a company that does consulting for large corporations.  In that study, 94% of all goods sold were sold by 4% of the people selling them.  When asked the CEO’s of the companies said it was the sales professional that was the main reason for making a buying decision.

Robert Kiyosaki in his Book Rich Dad Poor Dad said that if you want to be in business for yourself you must first learn how to sell.  I will go one step further.  If you want to run your business online you must learn how to sell online.  It is different from traditional selling techniques and strategy on the one hand and very similar on the other hand.  Learn how to sell online and offline for your best results in your business.  Innovate your sales process, so that you can be branding and selling while you are running your business.

I ran into that problem when I started my sponsorship marketing agency.  We helped sponsorship properties and sponsors conduct their sponsorship campaigns.

But the problem I ran into was that I could only earn more money if I:

1) Charged more for my services
2) Sold more clients

When charging your clients the market will dictate what you can charge.   Many new business owners charge too little.  This is a mindset and fundamental misunderstanding of how people make buying decisions.  I learned this from my complex sales mentors at The Samurai Business Group. Ask for Dan Kreutzer if you are faced with selling into corporations

When I sold to more clients I still had to do the work which took up all my time 7 days a week.  There was no time for selling.  I had to learn how to leverage myself by innovating my sales and marketing to an online approach.  That is the best move I could have made.  The Internet allows you to be selling 365 days a year, 7 days a Week, 24 hrs a day, when you do the work required to learn this skillset( it’s simple but not easy) and to get enough inventory of ads or blog posts or social media posts online.

This is how I used Innovation in my brick and mortar business consultancy and how I established another revenue stream with my innovative multilevel marketing business whose products and community of great marketers taught me how to market.  You will always be learning.   The internet changes all the time.  But, you will be far in front of your competition that is relying on their personal time to sell and network.  I can’t believe I used to do it that way

“I got better” ~ said in a piercingly high pitch from Monty Python Life of Brian, “Bring Out Your Dead “scene


The extent that this person went to use the power of innovation is what is required to be seen on a massive and global scale.  His innovation stands out from the crowd of Internet vloggers out in the cyberspace today!  This is a perfect example of a “Purple Cow” that Seth Godin talks about in his book, Purple Cow


Can you understand the power of Innovation like what you just saw in the video above?

Then, you will be very successful in Internet marketing.  

You of course  will need to find your own Purple Cow, and use the power of innovation that is unique to you.  What works for me may or may not work for you.  When you find a way to stand out from the global crowd, and you measure the results that you decide you like, because it is providing income to your bank account, you will now have found something of value.  

If everyone in the World could find their Purple Cow…..the World would be a much different place than what we see today.


Successful people do not have time to fight and argue and complain.  People that are constantly trying to improve themselves do not have time to complain because they know that no one likes a complainer.

The Power of Innovation…Is inside each and everyone of You

Join us as we change the World

When you decide to Innovate online, try to break it.  The faster you can do that the faster you learn how to do it properly.  Mark Zuckerberg, founder of said something to that effect.



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