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Today we celebrate the birthday of Grace Hopper the inventor of the COBOL computer language  I’d like to thank YouTube and SeHOUMusic for this fascinating clip showing the difference between a nanosecond( a billionth of a second and a microsecond. 

She talks about explaining to general the difference using pieces of wire to explain why the signal takes so long to get to the Satelites

I wanted to share this quick video with you. This woman worked in the US Navy prior to that taught Mathematics at Vassar.  She is the oldest known enlisted person in the Navy when she was 76.

She is also responsible for the invention of COBOL language in business and she coined the term “Bug” 

It seems they found a moth in an early version of a computer they were working on back in the 1940’s.  That is right the 1040’s.  

She is a true pioneer of the computer that you are using today.  Today is her celebrated Birthday and Google did a Doodle on their front page about her.

I found this fascinating and wanted to share with you.


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