Inspirational Movies to Watch If You Are In Business

 Inspirational Movies to Watch If You Are In Business

Today we are going to discuss three movies that you should watch, because there is a business lesson in each.  The first is An Officer and A Gentleman, the second is The Great Gatsby, and the third is Stripes.  Each movie has it’s own message.  There are others will cover that are inspirational as well, but these are the main ones that come to mind.

 Officer and a Gentleman

In the movie an Officer And A Gentleman our hero is played by Richard Gere.  In the movie he wanted to be a naval aviator, because he had no other options, and his drill sergeant played by Louis Gossett Jr., got him to admit that after beating the living daylights out of him with running and calisthenics.  He had no where to turn.  He had to make this work this was his last chance.

Business is a lot like this.  Once you take the plunge and become a business owner there is no turning back, there is no failure.  The only people that truly fail in business are the ones that quit.  The drive and determination of “MAYO” in the movie is an inspiration to us all.  This is the level of emotion you will run into from time to time when someone really needs your help.  I have seen presidents of major organizations pound there fist on the table because they needed to find the answers to a problem they had of not being seen by the people he wanted to impress.  It can get very emotional.  Both men and women express this in different ways but make no mistake about it.  When you find the compelling reason¹ why someone wants your product or service, nothing will stop them from buying.  The problem many business owners is they are afraid to dig deep enough to find the real problem that elicits this response.  You want customers for life?  Find this response and help them really fix what caused this kind of emotion.  You will not only have a customer for life You will have an evangelist on your hands and they will tell all their friends.  I watch this clip when I need reminding that when I started in business I had no where else to go.  I had too find the answers.  I have and you can too.

The Great Gatsby

This movie reminds me that in one instant you can decide to change your future, and the future in that instant, becomes your past and your past becomes your future.  This allows you to easily focus on right now.  Read that again if you need to, it took me a while to figure out what F. Scott Fitzgerald meant by this.  The Great Gatsby, a book that is many times in American literature and popular culture today, is a required, High School and College text, wrote as a classic story that discusses, through imagery and themes, the age old tale of  the passing between regrets of the past and the aspirations of the future.

Sound familiar?  Do You have regrets about your past and aspirations for your future?  Guess what?   These  concepts are just that, concepts only that exist in your mind.



You can live your dreams in an instant


The Instant you decide to take massive action and do what your mentors tell you

Success Leaves Clues


The Great Gatsby was not able to live in the now, he was always talking about how great his life used to be in London, or how bad his life used to be in World War I , or how good he desired his life to be in the future. This story also discusses the reality in America at that time of the Old World, wealthy families, the rich aristocrats, and that of The new industrialists and the struggle between them.

In the  story written in the 1920′s during Prohibition, Fitzgerald gave a commentary of the American psyche both then and today. He left with us secrets to prosperity. Isn’t it interesting how history repeats itself? Isn’t it interesting how societies throughout history repeat their history.  This happens because they are either living in the past or trying to aspire to the future without preparing for it properly.

Gatsby was in great turmoil throughout this story because  he could never live in the present to prepare for his future and he was always tied down by tragedy in his past. The theme of this book, chock full of symbolism is of a time gone by,  of a great era in America, and the desires of a future society.

The past becomes the future(step into your future now… you can do it the instant you decide to live your vision) and The future becomes the Past.

This is the instant you decide to do that you are growing toward being a new bigger self. That is why leaders are readers and the ultra-wealthy listen to audio daily.  They are growing into their future-self through this process.   And when you reach the future You,  live the vision of your future self all over again. This way you can bend time, you can shift time in your mind and in your results compared to what you used to be able to do.  Because once you believe you can do it and that belief is based on evidence that your belief is real:


“The World Is Your Oyster”  – David Wood, Speak The World Into Existence Audio Inner Circle Audios


That way, you will never start falling backwards into old habits and old results you don’t want.  In an instant you can decide to step into your future again, and again, and again and again, until you no longer breathe on this physical plane.

I believe we do not die.  We are all made of energy and energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  Some call this the God Force.  Many have different beliefs and that is for You to decide how you want to believe.  I believe people are better when they are free to think.

I intend to ride energy beams in the Universe like Einstein talked about.  Our time on this planet will be over(unless we discover how to stop the dying process and we are getting closer with the human genome project) when it is over.    When you reach that future, in an instant where the past becomes the future and the future becomes the past you can decide to step into your future.

Once you reach that future, in an instant where the past becomes the future and the future becomes the past.  You can time-shift with this knowledge… that is the underlying theme of The Great Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby is taught in schools as a required text because it teaches metaphors very nicely, and props up the importance of educating yourself toward the better You in the future.  The moment you decide to do this you have begun your journey, your new adventure.  After all, life is nothing more than a series of adventures. The Great Gatsby teaches us to believe in ourselves.  They said F. Scott Fitzgerald was a genius at an early age.  This man has left us the secrets of unlocking everything the Universe has to offer.  You can unlock the greatness that resides inside You.  I believe in You.   Now all that is left is for You to do is to believe in yourself. I will believe in You until You can believe in yourself.  See more about this movie here



When You watch this clip from the movie Stripes,  Bill Murray is talking to the men in his platoon.  He describes them as the dregs of society.  The people that society forgot.  They have been kicked around and made to feel as though they are not part of society.  They are the Geeks, the losers, the ex-cons, the single mothers, the single fathers, the older people that do not fit into society.

This is kind of like it is when you are in a network marketing, multi level marketing, affiliate marketing, if you are an independent distributor, or business consultant for your company.  People will mock you, they will not understand you or your struggles.  They are not You.  They do not understand that you want to be successful more than the air you breathe.  They are not true entrepreneurs.

They have not gone through the years of failing in your business that you have, Right?    But you have not failed in vein, because everything you have done up to this point has made you stronger.  Every call, every meeting, every seminar, every class, every audio and every video you have listened to and watched has made you into the lean mean, business machine that you are now.

All we need is to find you the right products and services  to sell.  All we need to do is train you in the skills of success:

To have a strong business mindset

To learn the skills you need to be a top sales producer

To be able to build teams that duplicate your sales results and because of that they stay with your team for life.

To eventually gain mass influence in your company, industry and globally!

All we need to do is train you on the eight core commitments of any business.

Now do as I do and do as I say and make us proud, make your family proud!  Be the responsible man or woman you know you always were meant to be.  Be empowered to be the best that you can be!

Will it be easy no, but you can learn it if you want to bad enough.

Will you be able to learn the skills you will need…That remains to be seen…But know this.  I will be rooting for You!

You will be reading for at least 15 minutes a day

You will be listening to Inner Circle Audios each day

You will be blogging every day.

You will help two people from your workout partner’s team get crystal clear what they need to do next in their business.  They in-turn, will help two of your customers get clear as well.  This will take the immediate pressure off you.  It works and it works really well.

You will tune into the Empower Hour every Monday at 9 p.m. EST on your computer or by phone.  Ask me for the number in the comments if you want it.

You will be ALL IN, own all the products in the core product line because that will give you the best chance of being successful and I want that for you, but I can not want it for you more than you want it yourself.

You will meet me at the next event and there you will create breakthroughs for yourself and the team you bring to each event.

If you understand and accept these ideas comment in the comment section below by saying Boom! Chugga Lugga!


If you’d like to get started being the best business soldier you can be, building your business to the level you know it can be, to a level your were always meant for, then click this link and do what it says.  Follow where it takes you and do each step until you have joined our team and started your business membership.

I believe in You!  It is Your Time To Believe in Yourself!

Now do as I do and say what I say…and make me proud Boom! Chugga! Lugga!  Welcome to your future!


Yes, I get carried away ;D  This is your future we are talking about!  This is your families future.  Get excited!  You deserve the best that life has to offer.

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