Interesting Quote From Stephen Hawking

People Complain All The Time. Do you like being around complainers?
  1. People won’t have time for you if you are always angry or complaining.

    Stephen Hawking

    I just saw the movie The Theory Of Everything( great movie up for many awards) so he was on my mind while I wrote this post. But, it is one of the first things an Entrepreneur or person that wants to find true enlightenment and freedom in their lives should learn. Try this. Actually do this if you are serious about success. Stop complaining during the next 30 days.

    By the way, what do you think of this Meme if you are a woman. Do you think this kind of subtle complain meme attracts women? You may of just lost your most important audience – Women. Yes, they do make the best networkers and they are better at forming a sense of community. You do not want to offend them in your marketing.

    What you will find when you look at society as a whole, is that most people are not OK. They speak in a series of complaints. Once you stop it, it is easy to catch yourself slipping back into what I call “complain-speak.”

    Listen to people around the water cooler at work. Complain, complain, complain. Most people really hate their life and have become set in their ways. They will work for the rest of their life for someone else’s dreams. They will trade time for money in a specialized job and not know they are trapped in a matrix of lies.

    But you know different. That is why you are here. To gain new awareness of what is possible. I will be your guide when you are ready to choose the “Red or the Blue pill.”( from the movie The Matrix)

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  2. Choose The Red or Blue Pill

    Morpheus –  In the movie The Matrix
    Choose The red pill if you are not ready to stop complaining for the next 30 days( it takes 30 days at least to make this kind of communication pattern a habit) Choose the Blue pill if you are not. It all comes down to a decision to develop yourself as a leader or follow the masses of unhappy people.

If you choose to learn how to be happy then take a look at how I am learning how to become happy beyond my wildest dreams.  I will be your guide beyond your current awareness.  Follow the direction below to learn more.  See you on the inside.

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