Maximum Leverage by Daegan Smith Internet Marketing Multi-level Marketing Coach

Internet Marketing Multi-level Marketing Coach

Today I studied Daegan Smith, a gentleman that has a background that is scary how similar it is to mine.. I too studied Organic Chemistry and Wrestled in College.

In methodical and analytical pragmatic approach to marketing he uses in his Maximum Leverage boot camp, it was obvious  right off the bat, I was going to like his marketing methods. There was so much content in this course there is no way I can cover all the golden nuggets you get with his course, but here are some of the methods I related to the most. He also covered it from a beginner and advanced perspective which I enjoyed.

It was a fantastic training dealing with Newsletter Ads, Solo Ads,  Article Marketing and syndication plus on Page SEO.  He also talked about tracking programs to use, and getting into the mindset of your prospects by asking simple questions that we ourselves as marketers understand. Finally, he gave a thorough explanation of how to set up and run a teleseminar that always converts at 10% using Go To Meeting. I’d like to thank Daegan Smith and YouTube for this video that describes how wonderful this product is.


He also talked about the importance of many pillars in the foundation of a good marketing plan.  Good marketing campaigns will approach prospects with many different types of marketing.  Daegan believes in using the tested marketing techniques that always work, rather than the tricks or schemes that work until the Internet catches up to them.

Daegan Smiths Solo Ad training program is not like other solo ad training I have received.  He talked about the method for setting up the solo ad and the tracking that you use to measure your results.  ”Track of Die,”  is his quote to drive home the importance of tracking for any marketer that wishes to survive in this business.


In the beginning of the boot camp, Daegan dealt mainly with using a fool proof methods, that withstand the test of time and Google slaps, plus advertising in email newsletters to generate hundreds and even more leads per day.


Daegan did an article marketing training  using a low competition and heavily searched keyword phrases.  He also added a Google Ad Words strategy using business opportunity magazine ads and the URLs you find in them.  His spin on this technique to elevate it to another level in your business was brilliant.


He also talked about tracking programs to use, he uses hyper tracker, I also ran into a new one today from Josh Thurman’s post called  It looks interesting, and you should check it out and see if it fits your needs.

You will also find that Google has a tracking platform Google Tracker and so does Kalatu Premium.

If you’d like to treat this opportunity as a business and run a serious marketing operation that drives leads and converts those leads into sales, click the banner below and see what I use.



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