Essential Ipod Touch For Listening To Business and Personal Development Audios Daily

I am buying an iPod Touch for building my business

  1. Listening to Audios on an iPod Touch

    It is important that you have an easy to use method for listening to your business and personal development audios daily. I just wrote a post the other day on what audios to listen to. These are the Empower Network Inner Circle Audios.

    By listening to audios daily on your iPod Touch , while you are taking a walk, doing household chores, or working out, you can do the daily work necessary to have a positive mindset(critical in business) as it is easy to get into a funk, when you run a business.


    You will run into obstacles in business. You may not know why. You need to persevere until you figure it out. Listening to audios on your iPod Touch will help you have the ability to breakthrough, and figure out both mentally and strategically, what you are doing wrong and allow you to take corrective action to fix it. This could be the breakthrough you need.

    Being in business is tough, anyone that thinks it isn’t has never been in there. If this is you, and you understand the challenges of being in business, I want you to know I have found a set of resources that will truly help you with sales and marketing of your business, no matter what business you are in, or what company you are a consultant

    But, please do not work with me if you want to do something illegal or that is not family-friendly, for we would not be a good fit and would probably hate working together.

    Get your iPod Touch at Best Buy they are like, $234.50 or around that price, depending on where you buy it. Download your favorite business audios on it and listen to them daily. The communication patterns start to become part of your psyche when you do.

    When you are in the need of speaking in front of people, or shooting a video or speaking to someone on the phone or in person, or when you are typing a document( an believe me when I tell you I know I am not a good writer) you will start to be able to do it in an easier manner than ever before. Listening to audios daily does that. It helps to make you a better communicator.

    Now I have used CD’s and burned my audios on them, but I listen to the same audios, from very successful people,  over and over again, because I can not gain all the knowledge they share in the first 10 listen-throughs. I listen to them over and over while I am driving. I listened to them so much that they wear out physically, and I have to throw them away. With an iPod Touch, I will have this valuable audio for as long as my iPod Touch works.

    I spoke with the Best Buy guy today and he said I could download to iTunes the audios I did not want on my iPod Touch. They come with about 32 gigabytes of storage capacity so that should get you started.

    What is nice about the Inner Circle Audios is I get a new one every Week so I consistently have new golden nuggets of information to help muy business.

    If you want to be better in business listen to great audios from great speakers daily:

    1) Tony Robbins

    2) Jim Rohn

    3) Bob Procter

    4) Robert Kiyosaki

    5) Anyone From The Secret

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  2. Inner Circle Audios

    Listen to these audios daily and be amazed as you transform into the communicator you always wanted to be. Listen to them when you are depressed about your results in business. They will pop you back into the right mindset for being productive.

    As an entrepreneur you know that is essential for being in business.

    Click Here to Learn More About Inner Circle Audios

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If you are in business being a good business communicator is essential for your success. Take a look at this set of audios and see if it does not give you some ideas you can use.

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