Just Three Easy Steps

Don’t Make It Too Hard

This business is a combination of affiliate marketing and network marketing.  Don’t make it too hard on yourself, don’t over think it. Keep it simple. Here are three simple steps to understand and then do to be successful in whatever business you are using this system for:

1) Blog or place an ad up to 500 ads daily

2) Tell others about that blog are market that ad

3) Get paid

Put another way:

1) Create content on your blog or elsewhere, both and do not forget to hook other content up to you e blog content.

2) Capture leads with capture pages we provide you or create your own

3) Convert those leads to sales with Autoresponder messages.  This can be learned about in The 15K Formula Here

A 4th step is to have a good mindset while doing these three easy steps.  You get a good mindset by reading daily and listen to audios of inspiring people.  Do this in your car or while walking, working out or doing your household chores.  I highly recommend The Inner Circle Audios here

Yes, there are advanced marketing tactics you can do later on, but your people will not be able to duplicate them and they will be of very little use to you.  You produce 30 leads a day, that is your first benchmark.  Of those 30 leads you will convert 2 $25 sales.  Then, you will have your workout partner call your new $25 members on the first or second day of their membership and ask them these 6 easy questions.

Actually, my time is up so we will save those questions that we ask new members for a later time they help you greatly with sales conversions.

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