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Kalatu Premium

Is Designed To Be Used By Network Marketing Businesses As Customers Only Not Affiliates.

We in no way want you to join my team if you are in another network marketing business.

 That would be recruiting another team’s member and would be against the Direct Sales Association rules.  


Kalatu Premium For Your Business No Matter What It Is


How Can You Use Kalatu Premium?


You can use Kalatu Premium as A Customer only.  Think of it as a tool to help you build whatever business you are in, whatever company you are an independent distributor.

1) As Customers Only – Network Marketers That Can not be seen joining an Empower Network affiliate.  It is OK, you can still use the power of Kalatu Premium to drive traffic to your capture pages to build your team.  

Did you know that blog traffic is the most targeted type of traffic you can build?  People that are willing to read about what you have or the value you provide are great prospects.

They are reading your blog for a reason.  If what you write helps solve a problem they have then the people reading your content will begin to know like and trust you.  People do that before they try what you have.  They try what you have before they buy what you have to sell or help them buy from you.  It is a step-wise process that buyers go through. Smart network marketers know that and help people buy with their marketing skills

Here are some of the benefits of using Kalatu Premium For Network Marketers:


1) Each month you will receive(as long as your membership is active) a new blogging theme and a plug in to help you get traffic, leads and sales.

2) Weekly you will receive new 7 minute blog hacks while supplies last.

These hacks will help you set up your blog properly the first time.  Watch the hacks and walkthroughs before you do.  It is all in there.  Watch the video and do what it says.  Plus, there is extra training in the ALL IN Library by great bloggers like Neil Patel and many more golden nuggets of wisdom.

These blog hack videos will also show you how to get your blog post on the front page of Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, and help you get more sales for your primary business.  Can you imagine all that value in just 7 minutes of your time?  You have landed on the right page at the right time.  You can get you Kalatu Premium Trial by Clicking here
New training videos released weekly designed to show you how to setup your blog, get your blog ranked on the first page of Google, optimize your website for higher sales and conversions, plus so much more in 7 minutes or less!

If That were not enough value you can now produce up to 10 blogs for the same price using Kalatu Premium.  This of the segmentation you can do with 10 fully hosted blogs.
As long as your Kalatu Premium membership is up to date, your blogs are hosted for you on a secure server.  We know what it is like to have your blog shut down or hacked.  Not here.  Our support team ins top notch and our product developers are even better still!

Now if that weren’t enough there is more.  We know that learning how to generate more leads( good responsive leads) that convert to sales is not easy.  We offer Weekly training sessions to cut your learning curve down and allow you to produce great blog posts that rank and get you great leads and those leads convert to sales.  Use these trainings once a Week to make this as easy as possible on yourself.  You are still going to have to work, after all it is a business.  But, you can get your questions answered on these private Premium Member only trainings and question and answer sessions.

Kalatu Premium Trial for $17 you get to try Ttis:

Kalatu Premium Package


1) Affiliate Marketers – Link juice helps sell more products

2) Business Owners – Link juice and training helps you get your business seen and helps your prospects learn about you 365 days a year 24/7.

3) Professionals – Help people understand why they should work with you not because of what  you say, but because of what you share with them. Part of your expertise.  Share what you know, not how to do it.  Your customers must pay you well if they are to get that information.  But, at least you can point them in the right direction.


Kalatu Premium Trial



Use the link authority of Empower Network, bloggers blogging every day on a domain that is linked to Empower Network by forwarding and masking of the domain.  You can use a domain name of anything you want without any branding except your own.


Example: http://Yourlastjobever.com  You can use whatever domain you can purchase the rights to use.  GoDaddy.com is the domain marketplace I use.That is my domain name but it is on an Empower Network blog Network and my posts land on the front page of Google and other search engines with frequency.

Your results will vary.  To see average earnings Click this link 


To get your very own Kalatu Premium Blogging System and all the benefits outlined above Click here

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