Learn How To Produce and Learn How To Get People to Events

We will build our dynasty of 1000 people all making $1,000,000/month.  That’s it period.  We will build it in the following two ways.  All you need to do is follow these two,simple directions:

1)  Focus on building your team on the first level product 1200 wide.

What do I mean by that?  I mean sell 2/day of the $25  blogging platforms,for $25 that’s it. Period.  Can you sell $25 things?  Then do that.  Sell 1200,$25 blogging platforms any,ethical and legal way you can. We want to be able to look back on our dynasty and smile!


Know and Believe, that you will be helping 1200 people get the best chance at becoming the best version of themselves that they can.  By building a business for themselves they will transform their bank accounts and themselves.  They will be able to pay their bills on time.  They will see their credit reports increase in value.  They will start to believe in themselves.  They will learn new skill sets that they in turn will be able to sell to other people.  And we will do this all over the World over and over again until we get to 1200 people on our teams!


By never giving up on them and by never giving up on your dream!  The only people that do not make it in this business give up. Never give up!  It is like firing yourself! Don’t fire yourself!

2) Get your team to all the events.  You will grow if you get your team to the events.  All the Events.  Get to all the Events.  You will see me at all the events.  You must get to all the events. 

What do you do at events?  You take notes. massive amounts of notes.  Go to the store and get 3 bound, wide rule composition notebooks and bring one to each day to take notes in.  They are like $2 each at your local drugstore or office supply store.  You can write these off as a business expense.  I will have at least three there.  If you contact me and tell me you are coming I will supply you with them for your first event.  Events are that important!

Why?  Because you get the secrets of success told to you over and over again when the speakers speak.  You get to hear their story, only at events.  Events are not meant to be pitch fests.  They are meant to energize you and give you all sorts of knowledge and content to last you the next 90 days!

Am I saying that you will not have an opportunity to buy things at events? No, of course not, we are marketers!  Thy usually make new program announcements at events.  Like where the next event will be held at.  But, that is not the purpose of the events.  The events are made to Empower You.  

When you write down what the six-figure earners what you will find is they speak in headlines for your blog and video topics.  You will easily get enough headlines for the next 90 days of blogging.  What will you be blogging and doing videos about?

How to overcome adversity, and become a six figure earner.   Do you think that will be valuable to your audience?  Your target market wants to learn how to make their lives better.  They want to make an additional $3,000-$10,000/month, at first, to be able to pay their bills on time, to be able to buy a car, to be able to buy a car with cash, to be able to have nice things, to be able to travel the World, to be able to live the life of their dreams!


All you have to do to be a leader on my team is to be a leader.  Sell as many $25 blogging platforms as you can, and get all your people to events!

The Name of Our Team is:

Samurai Syndicators, from this date forward.  And, we are part of the Prosperity Team overall.

When you reach $20,000/month consistently for 3 months in a row you get a Samurai Sword from Japan from me, awarded to you at the Events in front of your team.  It is our badge of honor.

You will find our team Facebook group once you get on my team and contact me.

If you can not find how to do that.  You do not get in.  Contact me and tell me you are on my team.  I will verify that in my back office.  Inside there you will find many secrets about syndication and traffic generation, that I will pass down to you to pass down to your team, when they join you.


Our Next Event is Miami.  January 24th-26th, 2014  See you in Miami!

That is me the guy in the Glasses!  Come have you picture taken with me and all the other leaders!

Interview me and all the other leaders in Miami.

I will help you in Miami.

I will be able to focus my attention on you in Miami.


We will be able to focus our attention on our teams in Miami!


So here is what I need you to do next:

Between now and Miami about 45 days your goal should be to get 2 – $25 sales a day.  That’s it. 2 sales a day.


Get 30 leads a day.


You will find what you need in the products. The products teach you how to be a Samurai Syndicator and So will our community, and our team members. We will teach each other as the Samurai taught each other their ancient arts.

Help 2 of those 30 people each day join you.


By talking to them in a way that lets them know you have there best interest at heart.

By showing them that you really care about their lives being better.


By deciding not to live the way they are living any more!

By helping them decide in their own mind that they have had enough of working for someone else’s dreams!

They are done trading in time for money at a Job!

They are going to invest in themselves. Help them see it!

If they do not see it you will not be able to help them.

Remember, you are there to help them, but only if they want your help.

We are not pushy.


They need to start selling two a day, and get their affiliates to Events.

See you in Miami!

This is me in the glasses with my accountability partner John.  He keeps me focused on hitting my goals.  Get yourself an accountability partner.  

How?  You find them by meeting people like you at events.  People with the same goals as you.

Reblogged From Episode 12 – The Hidden Power Of Events (Quick Update)

Welcome back to episode 12.

I just wanted to post a quick update, before I have to take off here.

For the past couple of months, we’ve been working on making the vision bigger, better and really just moving it to a whole new level.

I’m excited right now, because we have some cool things coming up over the next few weeks and months going into 2014.

We have new funnels being launched, new products on the horizon and badass new sales videos going up.

The message of today is to get to the events

…because dynasties are created from events.

Looking back over the past Empower Network events, it’s easy to now see how every single event has been a pivotal moment for Empower Network.

So today I want to encourage you to make a decision to get to Miami, and bring your team with you.

Tomorrow I’ll come back and teach you a little bit more of the why and how of getting to the events.

Watch the video, pay attention and make a decision now to get to Miami.

Leave me your thoughts, and comments below.

Love ya,

– David Wood

P.S. Re-blog this video, share it with your team and together – let’s make this the most badass event yet.

P.P.S. Tickets are going quickly, login to the members area and get yours now, see you there.


– The EN Team

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