Lesson I Learned From Kim Klaver

Most Network Marketers Are Part-Time

Because this really helped me get a handle on most network marketers and how they struggle in their business. Most are not full-time.


Most network marketers are part-time:

1) The are not quite confident enough that they can quit their job

2) They need health benefits because they are older

3) They get tiny-weenie commissions from selling their products.

Kim said that having a part-time JOB as a network marketer is also a great way to meet people that are not happy in their 9-5.

1) mailroom clerks
2) executive assistants
3) secretaries
4) telemarketers
5) professors
6) tellers
7) assistants
8) athletes that need a job to make ends meet

and the list goes on and on

You will probably see many network marketers that have their magnetic signs on their car windows or doors, or maybe they have their entire vehicle wrapped. These are all signs of desperation and they work only so well.

You may think that you have to after a long day at the JOB that you have to call people in cold calls going for the NO to get the YES.

You may have already tried your warm market and run out of ways to earn a living in network marketing. I understand and am here to tell you there is another way. Learn how to market your network marketing business online, no matter what it is.

Start by getting an address for your online presence. The key here is that online marketing is a pull not a push. Your marketing will attract them to you. People will just show up and buy from you.

Then later, call them and welcome them as a customer. But never call a prospect again. rather have them call you and they will. When they do you know one thing for sure. They have a pain, a fear or a gain they want help with in their business.

Now all you have to do is find out if you are the best fit for them. If you are not tell them that. It is part of The Bushido Code intend to live by. I learned that from The Samurai Business Group in Chicago. Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert are my mentors in complex sales situations. They turn superstars into legends when it comes to B2B sales.

If you’d like to learn how to do this above…

I Will Be Your Guide to Beyond Your Awareness

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