Lesson I Learned From Mike Hobbs

drive targeted traffic to your offer whatever company you are in

This is how you drive targeted traffic to your offer whatever company you are in. $700,000 results do not lie. Your results will vary. to see average earnings go to http://yourlastjobever/income/ to see what’s possible for You.


1) Shoot a 3-minute video where you share what you learned in the products or how they helped solve your problem

2) Post this video to YouTube and any other video sharing service you want

3) Post this video on your blog

4) Post this video on facebook

5) Share your blog post with your list

6) Syndicate all the above to social media


That’s it do this daily and you will start to see results


Keep it simple so others can do what you do as well. Make it too hard and they will not do it.


Keep it smple so you team can do what you do



It does not matter what socio-economic category they come from, if it is hard and requires too much skill they will not do it.

That is why we have the eight core commitments. Like the ten commandments only cooler( just joking)

1) Get ALL IN – this means get ALL IN,  in doing the 8 core commitments daily.

2) Read Daily – This will assure that when you do get customers and new members they will want to stay in your business. Plus it gives you lots to blog and short videos for. This is part of the value you provide the marketplace

3) Listen To The Inner Circle Audios Daily. I recommend Speak The World Into Existence on 3-26-15, but you can listen to any of them after you listen to that one for 31 days in a row. Why? it is that important. Your future depends on it

4) Market through paid or strategies that take less money( you still need an autoresponder and other normal online expenses)

5) Listen in on the Empower Hour Every Monday at 9 p.m. EST, 8 p.m. CST, 7 p.m. MT and 6 p.m. PST at ph:209-255-1040


Empower Hour Call


6) Help two people a day buy your $25 product( Use the Workout Partner System to do this)

7) Blog Daily and syndicate your blog( ask me how when you join our team)

8) Get to the next event.


This is the simple system that you can use to build any business


Thanks For Reading. Feel free to comment

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