Lessons I Learned From Being In Business 22 years|If You Want To Help Others Take Care Of Yourself First

If you want to help others in your business, you need to be financially healthy.


Take Care Of Yourself First

Take care of yourself first. This is a lesson being in business for 22 years has taught me.  You can set outcomes like this:
Freedom For 10,000 People
It is fine to want to save the World or help 10,000 people learn how to make money online, but
you must take care of your production first.   It is just like putting on your oxygen mask first in the event that the cabin depressurizes in a plane crash.  You need financial oxygen so that you are healthy enouigh to help many others in this Industry.
You must figure out how to get 30 leads a day for as long as you are in your business.
30 leads a day and 2 front-end offers a day sold to customers and you will be free for life.
How you do this is:
” you are always sorting through the many to find the few
and teaching the few to sort through the many.”
There are hundreds of marketing tactics you can use,  and if you are creative, even thousands of marketing strategies and tactics to do the above outcome.
The products will give you many ideas but how you run your business is up to you to decide.
1) Pick one low cost method(nothing is free there are always expenses in any business) 
2) One paid strategy( but only if you have made $1,000 in your business as paid can be tricky)
You will need to put in about 10,000 hours of each method before you will become an expert in this.  You can make money online
before this, but there are no guarantees as to when this will happen.
It is best if you make mistakes and learn from them quickly.  The quicker the better.  This is called failing forward.
My vision for you is that you fail foward as quick as possible, so that you have the success you desire.
Try methods that make you feel uneasy, and not completely sure they will work.  Listen to mentors that are making at least $30,000/month only.  This is where the magic is. 
It is in these strategies that the learning curve will be steep, but worth it.   It is when you are out of your
comfort zone in many cases that you will find your way to the next level.  Stretch yourself get to events, meet leaders, mastermind with them.
How will you know when you have gotten to the next level? 
More than likely, just before You reach it, it  will get harder in your business.  You will struggle as you make
mistakes and learn from them. 
You will almost want to give up, and you will not give up and keep moving forward.  The people that never give up figure it out
Think about that and let it soak in.   You have just been given the secret.  Congratulations! Now you know what to do, now you just have to do it.  That is the hard part, if you think it is.
That is the Second secret.
Then, you will have almost a miraculous breakthrough as you have learned enough at the lower level to understand it and move up  to the next level.
Sometimes it is brought about by a decision to stretch yourself outside your comfort zone. Again, this
is where the magic happens.  Now don’t be silly and do anything that will deliberately hurt yourself or others.
Pretty much evrrything else in business is up for grabs or you could call it BS.  I would add if you are not doing your business actions out of love, you may want to reconsider your actions.
Think about that.  Are you really tryong to help your customers to a point of 10X’s the value of the price they paid.  That is how you keep lifetime customers.  That is where the monetization comes, in the lifetime value of the customer.
You may experience an emotional cathartic moment.  You may cry.  Being in business for yourself is not easy.  That is OK, your struggle is over at this point, you have just had a BREAKTHROUGH!
Celebrate your BREAKTHROUGHS!  It is a series of these breakthroughs that will help you understand how to sell things and services online in a way tyhat provides so much value that people want to be around you and listen to everything you have to say or write.
When you have enough breakthroughs,  that you provide great value to people in your industry, people will pay you about 1/10th the amount that you give. Put another way, again, You need to provide 10Xs the value to your customers over the price they pay for your product or service.
There is another secret!
If you are interested in learning more about learning how to do this take a look below
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