Link Shorteners For facebook

It is one of the link shorteners that I have found.

    It is Easy To Use.

    You just copy your blog post address into the proper boxes on

    Fill Out The Form Pictured Here and Shorten your blog post link so that it can be shared on social media sights


    Because this syndication tool allows you to easily syndicate your blog all over the World.

    Here is what the tool looks like before you share your post to hundreds of social media sites around the globe. I literally got popular in Italy and I Live in a little town in Indiana. It blew my mind how powerful this and the are. Before you think I am swearing I am not, as it is actually considered an honor in the affiliate marketing world if you are “Badass

    And look at all the social media sites you can share your post too.


    Click Here to Learn More About

    item image

    Plus Many More


    This is another social media link shortening site.

    Click Here to Learn More About

    item image

  3. Google URL Shortener

    This is a great URL Shortener and it allows you to track how many people click on it as well. This way you will know how many people clicked on your offer.

    There are some other paid trackers as well, and I have memberships to them, but these will allow you to start tracking right off the bat.

    1) – it is also free
    2) is a paid membership

    There are others out there too that you may run into. Use the ones that give you he best data as to how your marketing and advertising is doing on The Internet.

    Click Here to Learn More About Google URL Shortener

    item image

If you found this information helpful great. I am in business to help people learn how to take responsibility for their own results. If this is you and you are ready to learn and change your results I will be your guide beyond your awareness.

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